Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


12. Get back at me



I rolled over the bed, finding Gracie already there and Jason on the couch. Sighing, I sat up and took a glance at the clock, reading it was 6:45 am. I stretched my arms forward, hopping off the bed and made my way to the bathroom, almost screaming at the sight of my reflection in the mirror. Messier hair than usual, bloodshot eyes with bags underneath, to sum it up—I looked like crap!


Closing the door, I quickly stripped off my clothes with a sigh and turned the shower on, placing my hand underneath the droplets as I waited for it to warm up before hopping in. The warmness against my skin was very relaxing if I must say. After about 15 minutes or more, I was out of the shower and changed in a pair of short shorts and an oversized t-shirt with my hair in a messy bun. I also tried to cover the large bags cause I was pretty sure anyone would have noticed and found it obvious I cried. That was one thing I hated about myself. It was always too obvious when I had just cried, even if it was only for a few minutes. And yeah, I’d look uglier than usual. And I don’t want my ugliness to boost. Justin wouldn’t like me if I was too ugly.


Whaaaaattttt? :o


Smiling at the mirror with satisfaction, I exited the bathroom and saw that Jason and Gracie were asleep still so I decided to just prepare breakfast for them. I exited the room quietly and sprinted down the stairs—however, I stopped when my eyes landed on the couch in the living room.  No, not the couch—my eyes landed on what was on the couch. Justin was there, only in his boxers as he rested his head on the backrest, looking straight at the ceiling without even noticing my presence. I guess Jason let him in last night. Wait, let’s not forget how hot he looked when he was only in his boxers, sitting on the couch. What is air?...


“Morning,” I mumbled like last night didn’t happen and walked past the living room, not making any eye contact. I didn’t receive a response. Not like I really expected to.


I sighed as I reached the kitchen and prepared breakfast. It was nothing special. Just pancakes. I didn’t really know how to cook anything else okay? Maybe just eggs and bacon. Or hotdogs and noodles. And… well I think that’s it. I don’t know.


I continued to cook as I hummed a random tune, occasionally looking back, expecting Justin to be there but that didn’t really happen sooo… too much for imagining this was like something I see in movies. Like, the guy would walk into the kitchen and apologize to the girl for being mean. Then the girl would be like, “save it” but the guy would do sweet things to get the girl to forgive him. But that obviously didn’t happen and also, one thing—we weren’t a couple! We’re strangers in the same roof!


“I’m starved,” I heard Jason’s all too familiar raspy voice as a chair moved, snapping me out of my daydream. I giggled and set the last pancake on the plate and served it on the table. I usually just pile them all up in one plate.


“There you go little pig,” I teased and he just chuckled.


“Where’s my plate and syrup?” he asked, grinning. I rolled my orbs and laughed a little, grabbing two plates and the maple syrup, setting them down on the table and sat myself down.


“There you go, master.”


“Thankyou, servant.” He joked, taking to pancakes and setting them on his plate. I watched as he squirt the syrup and dug in the food like the cute little pig he was. But I thought he didn’t like sweets since he was so annoyed that Emily fed him too much of it.


“Aren’t you inviting him to eat?” he asked in a muffled voice due to the pancake in his mouth. I made a face in disgust and laughed to myself.


“He can come here himself,” I shrugged and set two pancakes in my own plate, drenching it with maple syrup and shoved it inside my mouth. I saw Jason roll his orbs from the corner of my eye but I ignored it and continued eating. Justin was mean to me so I’d be mean to him.


“BRO, COME EAT BREAKFAST!” I heard Jason’s yell but I didn’t pay any attention and focused on eating.


Soon enough, Justin’s footsteps was in the kitchen and a sigh was heard. They were slow and idle.


“Woah bro, get some clothes on,” Jason ragged, shaking his head a little.


“Shut up,” Justin mumbled, his voice hoarse. I couldn’t help but look up, seeing his face clearer.


You could say it wasn’t pleasant. And it was pretty much like mine a while ago… or worst. It worried me, honestly.


His eyes meeting mine for a moment, I brought my gaze back on my plate, getting another pancake and squirting some syrup. The silence was very awkward and the clinging of the fork against the plate as we ate were the only thing heard. Gosh, the silence was toxic. I heard Jason clear his throat.


“I remembered I hate pancakes,” Justin mumbled, once again fleeing the kitchen, leaving Jason and I. I sighed and grumpily stabbed my fork on the food on my plate.


“I remembered I hate pancakes,” I mimicked his tone of voice and stuffed my mouth with the food, making Jason laughed a little.


“Don’t believe that,” he whispered, grinning. “He loves pancakes.”


“NO I DON’T!” Justin’s yell was heard in the kitchen, causing Jason and I to laugh at his obvious denial.


“Sure he doesn’t .” I giggled and rolled my orbs, shaking my head.




Ofcourse I loved pancakes. But she couldn’t just know that okay?


Besides, I didn’t feel like eating.


I laid myself back down on the couch, feeling as if I was in the middle of the desert and it’s snowing. If that makes sense. I really didn’t feel like myself right now. It was like one of those days I get sick and it sucked as hell.


Going out again in the rain last night was totally stupid cause the cold nearly killed me but I didn’t want to give Reign the satisfaction. I knew she didn’t mean to make me leave but I wanted her to see I wasn’t scared. But then yes, it was stupid cause I pretty much just pitied myself outside. Fortunately, Jason dragged me in while I was in the middle of having a moment.


“I’ll let myself in!” I heard an overly high-pitched voice and the door opening, making me jolt up and gasp. Damn, I could just kill this woman, whoever she was.


Diverting my gaze on the door, my eyes met a familiar face of a girl, which I recalled was Reign’s bestfriend. Her eyes widened as she saw me, halting to a stop as she held the knob, eyeing me from head to toe.


“REIGN ALICIA CROSS, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THIS MAN AND WHY IS HE ALMOST NAKED ON YOUR COUCH?!” she yelled in a voice so loud it was enough to blow off my eardrums more than Jason’s bombs could.


With that, Reign and Jason came running in the leaving room whilst I just groaned and laid back. Let them take care of that screaming crazy woman. I don’t feel damn good to be dealing with b-tches.


“Gosh, Emily. You scared me,” I heard Reign breath out. “I don’t know why he’s stripping on my couch. That definitely didn’t involve me, okay?”


Yeah, now leave. No one wants your screaming butt here. Besides, I’m sexy so I don’t see anything wrong with me stripping.


“Oh, I thought… you know,” Emily responded in a low voice but then it became a squeal when she said the next three words and it hurt my ears, “JASEY, YOU’RE HERE!”


Jason’s slight scream was the next thing I heard—which I presumed was after ‘Emily’ attacked him.


“I missed you!” I heard her squeal. Gosh, when the hell would she just disappear? It’s annoying me.


However, Reign found it so adorable that she was giggling and stuff. Like damn.


“We were on a date yesterday,” Jason whined, “You didn’t see me for like, just a few hours!”


“But I missed you, babyboy! Whatcha doing? You should go to my place, oh my gosh!”


“DAMMIT LADY! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP?! YOU’RE HURTING MY EARS!” I couldn’t help but sit up and yell, causing the three of them to freeze and look at me. I thought my vision shook there for a moment. Take note, never ever sit up abruptly when you have basically laid for a long time.


“What?” I spat.


“Do you realize who’s hurting anyone’s ears now?” Reign scoffed, crossing her arms to her chest and glaring at me. I returned the gesture, clenching my jaw.


“I wouldn’t be yelling if your little friend here knows how to contain herself from fangirling over my brother like he’s some freaking celebrity,” I hissed before diverting my gaze to Emily and Jason.


“Is this the girl?” I asked, making Jason’s eyebrows to furrow in confusion, same as Emily’s expression.


“Is this the girl who got me in trouble?” I pointed at Emily accusingly, making her gasp while Jason opened his mouth to speak.


“What trouble?” Emily asked, her voice with a hint of anxiousness.


“No. You got yourself in trouble,” Jason countered, defending Emily. “If you hadn’t flipped out over her messages, we wouldn’t have had that argument and Logan wouldn’t know.”


I scoffed. “You really are defending her right now? Wait, yeah. It wasn’t her fault cause it was yours.”


Jason just glared at me, clenching his fist as his other arm draped around Emily’s waist.


“Justin, shut up,” Reign’s voice intervened. I immediately turned my glare at her.


“Don’t f-cking talk like that to me,” I scowled as I tried to stand up but it was as if my legs were too tired.


“No, I will talk to you the way I want because this is my house, and that’s my bestfriend you’re accusing for your own contentment,” she retorted. “You just always find something to be angry about. You’re getting mad at every damn thing. Nothing will ever be right to you cause you just seem to find satisfaction in the wrong anything has to offer.”


“Who in their right mind would find satisfaction in the wrong?” I scoffed.


“I guess you’re not in the right mind then,” she derided, making me furious. “You accuse someone who doesn’t even have any idea on what you’re talking about.” She countered her voice firm. “Why? Because you just want to find fault in anything or anyone. Yes, it satisfies you. It satisfies you to prove that everything is wrong, nothing’s right. But it wasn’t Emily who told you to kill your boss. It wasn’t Jason who flipped out. It was mostly your fault.”


I didn’t say anything. I didn’t agree with that. But at the same time, I did. Her eyes weren’t the same when she looked at me and said that directly in my face. It wasn’t the same sweet and full of adoration like how she used to look at me everytime we saw each other. But I guess it was my fault. Maybe it was because of the other night. I knew I deserved it, but somehow, I wished I didn’t.


“Are you getting back at me for last night?”


“Oh that?” she chuckled humorlessly, “No, why would I? Should I be mad for that?”


"You sure sound like you're not," I noted in sarcasm as I rolled my eyes.


“You know, Bieber,” she scoffed. “You’re messed up in the head. I hope you know that.”

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