Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


9. For Once



From: Jason

   Enlighten my brother.


I stared at Jason's message, hard and long. I was digging my brain in attempt to find the meaning of that message. Damn Jason, what does he think of me?


Tapping the reply button, I was about to type back a message when the doorbell rang. I hopped off the couch, furrowing my eyebrows, and approached the front door. It was kind of scary, at the same time, exciting. Upon opening the door, my heart pounded louder in my chest. And as soon as I completely opened it, I was tackled to the ground.


"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Emily squealed, whilst I gasped.


"Emily!" I scolded, pushing her off me and standing up, "What is wrong with you?!"


"He.... he... he..." she trailed off out of breath while I cocked a brow up. She panted, her face turning red as she shoved her phone in front of my face. It was a message that most probably shocked me.


From: Jasey <3

  Hey Em, you free today? I'll come pick you up :) Text me the address ;)


I did a double-take. WHAT? I thought Emily was an annoyance to him??? Playboy act??


"I knew he liked me too!" Emily squealed, "Just wanted to let you know, bye."


With that, she skipped through my front porch, leaving me there in shock, "EH?!"


What was up with Jason? First, he sent me this weird ass message and now he was taking my bestfriend out? Oh hell na.


Closing the door, I went back to the living room and grabbed my phone, dialing Jason's number. I waited impatiently, biting my bottom lip. I heaved out a sigh, hearing five rings before he answered.


"Hey, Em. I'm on my way," he said on the other line. Wow, he didn't even look at the caller I.D before answering.


"This is Reign." I replied, "I heard you're taking Emily out?"


"Oh, Reign," he chuckled. "Yeah, I'm taking her out."


"Jason, do you even know what 'taking a girl out' means?"


"It's like, a date?" he stated, more like a question. I rolled my orbs.


"This is your first date, isn't it?" I raised both eyebrows. Jason was silent for a while, then I heard him sigh.


"Alright fine, yes." he admitted. "But you know you can't really reprimand me. I know you never dated anyone."


 I sighed and shrugged, "Fair point. But that's because I want to date a serious guy." I tugged on my hair before continuing, "But are you Jason? Are you serious? Because Emily really does like you."


There was no use in denying it, cause Jason most probably knew that already.


"Reign, we're just going out. I'm not marrying her y'know?"


"But you'll lead her on." I countered. He sighed.


"I just want to prove Justin wrong," he merely mumbled. "About girls that is. I don't intend on leading your friend on in any way. Don't worry."


Well, what answer did I have for that? I didn't now what grudge Justin held against girls, so I guess I just didn't have knowledge enough on what Jason had in mind. I didn't know why he decided to take Emily out so suddenly. But I guess I trusted him. Maybe...


"I'm not done with you just yet, Jason. Take care of my bestfriend."





"So I heard you had an argument with McCann," Logan stated, taking a drag from his blunt while I relaxed myself on one of the recliners and looked at him.


"Who told you that?" I asked casually.


"Demings told me."


I merely rolled my orbs at the mention of the name, "Figures." I mumbled and sighed.


"But he didn't tell me why," he stated, taking another drag, his gaze pointed at me, "Would you mind telling me yourself?"


"I actually would mind," I stood up and proceeded to exit the room, "If you made me come here to answer that, I'll just go."


"You know very well that I have you in my hands," he also stood up, approaching me slowly, "You tell me what I want to know. Is it because of a girl?"


"It's nothing that concerns you," I replied stubbornly and before I knew it, I was pressed to the wall.


"Everything that happens concerns me," he growled lowly, "And I don't want my people hiding anything from me."


"Or what?" I challenged.


"It's not going to be pretty for you," he whispered through gritted teeth. "We both know very well what happened when you decided to be a stupid ass and hook-up with a b-tch that almost got our asses in jail. I won't allow your dumb brother to do the same mistake."


I clenched my fist to my sides, ignoring the pain of my back being pressed too hard on the wall behind me, "You might run this stupid excuse of a business but I won't tolerate you calling us names." I hissed.


Logan looked at me amused, chuckled humorlessly and pulled me forwards only to slam me back on the wall, making me cough, "That is last time you disrespect me, Bieber. I pay you. I'm the reason you're still f-cking alive. Do what I tell you to do, and everything will be easy."


Screw you for getting me in trouble McCann.


"Dumb shit, Logan. You know you need me, you can't touch me. And if you f-cking don't lay your hands off me, you won't know what's coming." I spat in his face and without a second, he punched me in the gut before letting go. I doubled over, but regained my composure. I charged and was ready to punch him back when all of a sudden, he had me on gun point.


"Don't worry, I won't kill you," he smirked. "You know, you're right. I need you. But that brother of yours, not really. So don't get smart with me."


Just as I opened my mouth to respond, my phone rand loudly in my jean pocket. Logan glanced down, a smirk making it's way to his lips, "Answer it... on speaker."


I reached down, pulling it out on my pocket, pressing the aswer button without looking and put it on speaker,


"Uhm, Justin. It's Reign..."




"Reign..." Justin trailed off, his eyes burning through Logan's green ones. He couldn't help but feel scared, something he didn't feel in a long while. "How'd you get my number?"


"Uh... from Jason," Reign replied, furrowing her eyebrows as she listened ever so carefully, having the feeling that something was going on. "Justin is something wrong?"


Glaring over at Logan who still had him on gun point, Justin traced his tongue over his bottom lip before answering, "Everything's fine, what do you want?"


"Well, I was... uhm, wondering," Reign paused, blushing and cleared her throat, "If we could talk?"


"Oh, I'm sure Justin wants to 'talk'," Logan intervened, grabbing the phone from Justin and pointed his gun on Justin's forehead, warning him to not make a move.


"Uhm, who is this?" Reign asked on the other line, feeling slightly uneasy.


"I'm Justin's friend," he lied, and all Justin was able to do-- knowing Logan had the upperhand, was glare, burning holes on his head.


"Oh, may I know your name then?" Reign asked, slightly unconvinced as she gave her full attention on the phone.


"Carter," Logan smirked, "I'm Carter Grey. What about you, what's your full name sweetheart?"


"Where's Justin?" Reign avoided the question, making Justin inwardly smile.


"Answer the question, honey," Logan demanded, giving Justin a warning look.


Justin clenched and unclenched his fist in attempt to calm himself down but it wasn't working, "Don't tell him," he fearlessly demanded, ignoring the fact that he had a gun ready to put a hole in his head.


"Justin? are you there?" Reign anxiously called out.


"I am," Justin replied, smirking over at Logan. "And I'm not his friend."


"F-cking shut up, Bieber!" Logan barked and slammed the back of the gun on the side of Justin's face, making him drop bleeding on the floor.


"D-damn you, f-cker." Justin groaned, trying to pull himself up off the ground. His vision blurring off and the sounds fading around him but he was still conscious.


"OH MY-- JUSTIN, ARE YOU OKAY?!" Reign yelled in  panic, only receiving Logan's laughs in return.


"What are you doing to him?!" she screeched, "Who are you?"


"I'm his boss," Logan replied, smirking. "Now Mr. Bieber here broke a rule, which is, hiding something from me. Together with his little brother. Now don't you think they deserve punishment?"


"You are sick! What does having a girl have to do with your stupid job, huh?"


"Oh, it does having something to do with them jobs. My boys can't get distracted, especially by lying sluts," Logan hissed.


"Who you calling a lying slut, huh?" Reign fearlessly barked. "How about jail time, retard?"


"Dawwhh," Logan cooed fakely, "Don't you think your little boyfriend will join me in there?"


"Well, news flash, he's not boyfriend, and I have none so you pretty much will rot alone!" she snarled whilst Logan just laughed evilly and set his gun down on the table. Justin watched his every move, though it wasn't clear by now.


'Sh-t' he mumbled to himself.


"End the call, Reign!" he managed to yell, pushing himself up. Logan aimed to punch him, but he managed to dodge and attempted to snatch the phone from Logan's hand, though it wasn't successful.


"Justin? Are you still there? Are you okay?" Reign ranted, her heart beating rapidly.


"F-CKING END THE CALL, NOW!" Justin barked just before Logan landed a punch on his jaw, which he returned with a kick on Logan's crotch, causing him to drop the phone as he curled up in the ground.


"Bu--" Reign started but was cut off by Justin's deafening yell as he snatched the phone from the ground and kicked Logan on the side.




Nearly dropping the phone as she gasped, Reign hesitantly hung up with two words, "Be careful."


Rolling his orbs, Justin tossed his phone across the room making it shatter to pieces and gazed down to Logan who was just pushing himself up, hands pressed on his crotch, "F--"


"Don't even use the F word on me now Logan, it's disgusting you gaysh-t," Justin cut him off and grabbed Logan by his shirt, pinning him on the wall just like how the bastard did to him a while ago.


"This feels right, you know that?" he spoke through gritted teeth, his face inching closer to Logan that their noses were touching, "I would freaking oblige to kill you now, dumbass. I don't work for you anymore, f-ck you, your b-tch, and your money cause I can pretty much buy your life now, thanks to you."


"Don't even forget the protection I give you, Bieber," Logan spat, holding Justin's wrist as he tried to get out of his grip. "You could've been to jail by now if it wasn't for me."


"Protection?" Justin scoffed. "Damn right. You saved me from jail because you needed me."


"Let go of me, Bieber," Logan sneered, digging his nails into Justin's wrists.


"With pleasure," Justin smirked.


With that, he pulled Logan off the wall, and tossed him to one of the recliners and attacked him, showering him with punches anywhere.


"This is for laying your hands on me, bastard," he panted, pounding his fist everywhere. Darkness overtaking him at the moment. All he felt was anger.


Seeing that Logan had only an inch of his life left, Justin stopped, breathing heavily as he stood up straight. His knuckles hurt and was covered with blood but it somehow satisfied him.


"You know what?" he said through heavy breaths, "Someone told me I still have a choice. He was right. Damn right." he paused to chuckle bitterly. "I don't even know why I worked for someone as weak as you. Your only power is your money, you are nothing against me."


"I would love to just kill you now but I won't," he leaned on Logan's ear, "You better hope someone finds you in time, cause I'm pretty much sure you'll die any time soon."


With that, he staggered towards the door and out of the room, not caring if Logan lives and have him tracked down by other gang members from different divisions. All he was thinking about was how good it felt to make a choice of his own. For once.


Jason's past words rang through his head  at that time, and where he's going now, was the place he never knew he would be coming back to for the third time... And maybe not the last time.




Because he felt like she cared. He felt like she was true. Just like what Jason told him. Maybe she wasn't another Jhenyca.


Jason was right about still having choices. And he did his first just now... Standing up to Logan... Beating him up... Nearly killing him... And it felt right.


So he thought... Maybe Jason was right about Reign too... She was far from Jhenyca. She wasn't like her.


But if she was, then he wouldn't let himself be torn down again.


If she wasn't, then he'll protect her.


If trouble chases him down because of who he was or what he did, then he would try and stop it.


He was making his own choice now. He was controlling his own life now.

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