Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


20. Call




The last days have gone by ever so slowly—seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, and hours became like days. It has only been a week but it felt like it has been a year, a year without Jason and Justin interfering with my peaceful life. There has been no drama, no pointless arguments, no tears, no troubles and my life was never this boring. Oh come on, my life was never exciting. Well that was before the two J’s came and crashed down the serenity of my existence atleast. I should’ve been happy though, but I wasn’t.


Saying I didn’t miss them was going to be a big fat lie. I missed them so badly that I could cry. Drama Queen. But maybe that’s because I grew fond of seeing them, eventhough it wasn’t constant. I wanted to call them, but I realized that if they really wanted to talk to me, either one of them would call first. Besides, it was none of my business on why they stopped interacting with me. I mean, it was kind of my business since I was the one being ignored. Well not exactly but you get what I mean.


“Stop sulking,” I heard Emily say with a chuckle as she came out from the kitchen with two tubs of icecream and two spoons. Gracie was trailing behind with her own tub.


“I’m not.”


“Sure you’re not,” she teased, smirking.


“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes at her, a small smile froming on my lips.


“Shut up,” she mocked, plopping down next to me, “So, what to do?”


I sighed and shrugged, “I don’t really know…”


“Ah come on! You gotta have something in mind! I came here to kill boredom, goodness sakes,” she whined like a little girl, and I just rolled my eyes, opening my icecream tub and shoving some into my mouth.


“What about movies?” I suggested with a shrug, licking off the icecream that managed to smear on my lips with a moan of delight.


“What movies?”


I gave her an exasperated look, “Goodness sakes Emily Flynn, do what you want, watch what you want. You don’t need me telling you that.”


“Geez, so mean. I’ll just ask Gracie since you’re a butthead,” she scowled before turning to Gracie and asking her what she wanted to watch.


Ofcourse Gracie’s response was quick, yelling “BARBIE!” as she jumped up from her seat with a huge grin on her face. Emily’s reaction was priceless, making it hard for me not to laugh.


“Do what the princess wants,” I teased, giggling as I shoved some more icecream inside my mouth.


I started zoning out as soon as the movie started, I had honestly no idea what was going on. But my eyes were glued to the T.V, my hands were moving on its own to feed me though my mind was elsewhere. Oh what I could’ve done to just see those two.


So many thoughts were invading my mind. Jason was like a little brother to me now and I really, really wanted to hear from him. And Justin, well, I didn’t think we were even friends but we did share tears together so, I think it would’ve made sense if I missed him too. Besides, I wondered if he was okay, considering our last encounter wasn’t the best.


Well, I also kinda missed Justin’s smell. Kinda creepy, I know, but he just smelled amazing. You can’t blame me. But you just didn’t really need to know that, sorry.


“Have you talked to Jason?” I mindlessly blurted out, gaining Emily’s attention as she whipped her head in my direction.


“Why?” she furrowed her eyebrows as she asked, “I mean, yeah, last night before I slept. But why?”


I sighed, “Nothing. I just missed him. Well, them actually.” I admitted, “They haven’t been contacting me.”


She just looked at me so I continued, “I just can’t help but feel upset about it.”


“Well, not meaning to be rude or anything but,” she paused and shrugged, “Maybe they’re just busy to be chitchatting with you.”

Well that wasn’t offensive.


I scoffed, “Oh, so you must be that important cause Jason takes time to chat with you then, huh?”


She huffed, “Well, we’re dating so—“


“Wait, what? Dating?! Since when?!” I exclaimed, cutting her off as my eyes widened, “And when do you plan on telling me Emily Flynn?!”


“Chill,” she giggled. “Well, not exactly but we’re almost there.” she winked.


I gave her the ‘are you serious’ look before I rolled my eyes and slapped her arm playfully. She laughed softly, “Look, if you’re so bothered, why don’t you make the first call?”


I bit my lip, and before I could even think, I blurted out the answer, “Maybe I will. I’ll be back.” and stood up. Emily merely gave me a nod and Gracie barely even gave me any attention.


I sprinted up the stairs and to my bedroom, pushing my door open before I dove for my bed, reaching for my phone that rested on the mattress. Jason or Justin?


And again, before I could even think, my finger mindlessly typed in a name that revealed his contact. My heart began to race, seeming like it was running a marathon. The ringing on the other line was faint, and I felt  myself sweating. Maybe I should just hang up now.


Oopps. Too late.


“Hey…” his raspy voice sounded on the other line, cutting my thoughts off and making my heart skip a beat. Gosh, I missed the sound of his voice.


“Uhm, did I wake you?” I anxiously asked, chewing on my bottom lip afterwards.


I heard him chuckle softly, “No, I wasn’t sleeping…”

“You sound hoarse…”


“I ate too much icecream yesterday.”


“Wow, you must have missed it.”


“Yeah, it's been a while I haven't ate icecream,” he chuckled, then there was silence, though it wasn't that awkward. He was actually being nice to me right now. Woah, that's sooo unlike 'JUSTIN BIEBER'.


“Hey Justin?” I said after a while.




“You okay now? I mean about last week.”


No answer…




Again, nothing…




“I’m okay…”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah I’m fine. Especially now that you called.” He laughed softly and I felt my cheeks burn.


“Excuse me?”


“I was actually waiting for your call,” he admitted nonchalantly while I was nearly pissing in my shorts. However I just smiled widely.


“Well, surprise, I was waiting for yours too…”




A/N: Sorry if it sucked but it's only a filler. So sorry for the late update but I honestly planned on updating a week ago. However, I saved the chapter as a draft and it was all deleted so I had to rewrite. I forgot most of the scenes I wrote so it was hard. That's why this really sucked, it's not supposed to be a filler. I'm really sorry.


Anyways, YAY! Justin recieved the "Champ Of Charity Award"! I'm so proud :')



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