A girl has a major crush. What will happen when he starts noticing her? Is it love? Will murder get in the way?


4. The next day: Billie

I slid into the same seat as last time. Next to Louis "hey, I need a pencil" he asked so I passed him one. Day by day he became more of a friend then a crush "I would like you to meet my best friend" he says "this is Liam" he says introducing me. "Billie" I tell him "hello Billie nice to meet you, can I sit next to you?" He asked "yep" I say and he flops into the seat next to me, the feeling came back, WHOMP I had another crush. After the lecture he talked to me "do you want to go out for dinner sometime?" He asked "like a date?" I reply "um yes" he said blushing "yeah sure" I answer "Saturday ok?" He asks "yep, I live at 45 honoring street, pick me up" I tell him "see you then"

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