A girl has a major crush. What will happen when he starts noticing her? Is it love? Will murder get in the way?


5. My wort mistake

Billies P.O.V

BEEP BEEP Liam's horn sounded and I ran outside, "hi" I said as I got in his car, "hi, we are having dinner at my place" he said "sure" I answered. "Here it is" he said pointing to a large house "cool looking house" I tell him as we walk inside, he turns on the oven and sits on the couch next to me, he leans in and I can feel his breath hot on my face then the gap disappears and he kisses me. He gets up and takes dinner out the oven and we have dinner. "I was wondering if you want to sleep over" Liam asked "I will ask my mum" I say pulling out my phone "she said sure" I say to him so we go upstairs "we only have two beds so you will have to sleep with me" he said, I was shocked but agreed. We are lying in bed and he's facing me soon he's kissing me again, French kissing??? That's new, I think, soon he's on top of me help, I think. I slide out from under him. My phone goes off, I pick it up, it's from my brother Phonix, "where are you?" He asks so i reply "coming home" "who is it?" Liam asks, "mum she needs me home" i lie getting my bag. I have to walk home, when I get home I start crying.

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