Lost love

Zayn Malik, typical nerd
Natasha Fields, typical popular girl
Were once best of friends then it all went wrong and Natasha turned out for the best as zayn wasn't as he seems
Awww nawwwwww


3. WHAT!!!

I was still pondering about zayn when I numbed into Niall horan a bully that's friends with zayn. He doesn't dare touch me I have 5 years in boxing!

He saw me mumbled sorry and ran off

" well that was wierd" I thought shuvra honeyies I am late for math the bell rang three minutes ago I was in so much trouble


Read till the bottom competition.

Hey my bestie Chole said, chole was my BFF since I started here which has been 12 years

' now class, I want I'm let's see Natasha' 'huh' I said she rolled her eyes ' Natasha I want you to write everything about you on the bord is that clear and I want to see you after class for daydreaming!' She almost yelled

'Okkkkkayyy?' I say this is what I write

My full name is Natasha May Felids

I was born 12 of April 1990

I have been at this school for all of my years at uni

I went to Rosewood Day

I live in the USA

I am taking a trip to London to finish my teaching career

My uni is Princeton

And I am almost finish my course

And my best friend is Chole

'Happy?' I say

Everyone doesn't speak

Then the bell rings signalling English is over now time for math

Everyone slowly gets up and miss says you don't have to stay behind.

I run to math.


She didn't mention me, she mentions CHOLE!!! We were all once beast friends then I told Natasha that I liked her, how was I MENT to know?

Good we have math next

* half way through math*

I write a note

It says

Natts I miss you I still love you, I was upset that you just excluded me from your life. I am sorry I will change for you I know you don't like this fake me I am not all nerdy see me to morrow.

I threw it at her it hit her hand she read it and shook her head

What she doesn't know I auditioned for x - factor and I am now in a boy and we haven't made it public yet. I wear theese shirts to hide my tattoos we will see her reaction

My best mate Niall is in the band he likes her too exept he just used to bully her, not anymore I have been working out I lied in the not I already changed for her...


I was bored out of mind when I felt a paper ball bump my hand, it was from zayn I read it 'yea right' I thought ' whatever'

I guess we will see tomorrow.


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Boys gf sorry Niall and zayn can have gf's till later

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