Lost love

Zayn Malik, typical nerd
Natasha Fields, typical popular girl
Were once best of friends then it all went wrong and Natasha turned out for the best as zayn wasn't as he seems
Awww nawwwwww


2. The Night Of The Party

As I walk into the party i get greeted by the usual then I sit down and josh who is already drunk which I find surprising then I look at my watch it is 12 ALREADY!!

"come on babe" josh says

I get up to leave when he pushes me up to a bed lays me down and starts undressing me

"Josh stop ". I say

I scream for help

He is just about to do it when he is lifted off me and all I hear is swearing

Out of nowhere I hear zayn voice swearing and saying, don't you ever touch her again hot it more punching then I blackout

I woke up in a unfamiliar room wait we were at joshed house?!

Say what!!

Wait no Zayn is here I quietly mouth a swear word and run to my house I live in my own and my car is a blue metallic sport and Getz, yes I have two!

I live in a flat that is the penthouse

My family is rich they gave me 3 million for my 18th so I have 2 million left I have 5 houses scattered around the globe

You could say I am spoilt rotten but I deserve it, I guess that's what my mom says I always get A's nothin less. I pulled out my white IPhone 6s out of my bag when I reach home and start walking to my closest no school today YAY!!! So I decided movie day I was going to invite my ' friends' but to thought no I need a me day so I did my face mask listened to BRIDGIT MEDLER POSTCARD!!!!

Then whatched all of the Disney movies legit

And when frozen came on I sang and thought of zayn......

I wonder what he is doing

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