Lost love

Zayn Malik, typical nerd
Natasha Fields, typical popular girl
Were once best of friends then it all went wrong and Natasha turned out for the best as zayn wasn't as he seems
Awww nawwwwww


6. The Next Day


I woke up to my phones alarm going off, I groaned then I realised today was me day. I was going to show natts I put my contacts in pit my quiff up, put on my short cut tee shirt to show my tats and muscle. The boys had left me a texts

Here is what they said

Niall- hey zayn I am going back home for a week or so won't be there for you sorry!! A/N

I love Niall he is my fav no hate!!

Louis- show that girl, good luck!

Harry-hey zayn do you want me to come today

Liam- be careful today

I smiled the boys took care of me

I put on black skinny jeans and my jacket I took the motor bike to school' here goes nothing' I thought


'I want to play with your baseball, I am not a barbie girl, throw me your baseball'

My alam went off

I groaned and smiled this was the day to see zayn

I brushed my hair I lived this colour!!!!

I then decided bright blue jeans with purple vans

And a pink love shirt.

I quickly grabbed my Getz keys and bolted to the car with my bag

I ran up the stair to my locker 2468 I put my stuff away then I ran to the gate Chole said she wasn't going to be here.

Everyone commented on my hair saying where did you get it I told them and waited at the front of the uni then I saw him...

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