Lost love

Zayn Malik, typical nerd
Natasha Fields, typical popular girl
Were once best of friends then it all went wrong and Natasha turned out for the best as zayn wasn't as he seems
Awww nawwwwww


9. I can't

 Zayn had taken me to this park it was so beautiful.

"Zayn, do you love me?" those were the words i wanted to say ,be cause i think i love him

 i decided to make some changes i would no longer be Natasha Fields , my fake name my true name i wish to have , my birth right

Perrie Edwards.

zayn looked at me as i told him what i thought about my name , he said nothing then smiled. then he leaned in and kissed me i was shocked. but i kissed back our lips moved in sync. I felt sparks fireworks going off. the kiss lasted abot 3 minutes and when he went to pull away i didn't let him when i finally let go he grinned. "you have know idea how long i have been wanting to do that" then he asked the questioned that made me almost die

"Perrie Edwards will you be my Girl friend?" 

i smiled to myself and replied "yes" 

his smile fadded as if he didnt hear me

"no?" he questioned, i yelled "YES ZAYN MAILK I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND" so loud that everyone turned and looked at us he grinned and  kissed me , the kiss turned into a heated makeout session and we ran away before some called security about to 20 year olds making out in the park. this was the happiest day of my life.


guys i really need gf and sisters for the boys

again i need gfs for




and sisters for





and ONE sister for ZAYN

to apply leave a comment on my wall or in the comment section below

and do this

Name: doesn't have to be your real name 

Age: doesnt have to  be youur real age i am looking for zayn sis to be in high school

also keep in mind that the boys ARE in college


constests Will end on the ANZAC DAY

60 READS  for next chapter

and 10 Likez

or i'll have to delete this book and i REALLY DONT WANT TO




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