Lost love

Zayn Malik, typical nerd
Natasha Fields, typical popular girl
Were once best of friends then it all went wrong and Natasha turned out for the best as zayn wasn't as he seems
Awww nawwwwww


7. Friends?

 Nataha's POV

Omg is that, no i couldn't be, is it.?

It is.

he saw me looking and i walked over to him

" nice hair" he said touching it

as he touched my hair his hand grazed my neck i felt sparks and i shiverd i looked him up and down tattoos every where!!!!

"what happened" i said " what happened to you Zayn" i smiled sadly.

" nothing, i never changed i still love you natasha, i really do" he whispered

i started crying, good thing i have makeup in my bag. i hugged him i felt him tense up, then relax

he hugged me back i felt the goosebumbs again.

he tried to hold my hand, i pulled my hand away "we need to talk" i whispered

"old place" he whispered back i nodded

we walked to the old tree house , it was aout a 3 minute walk.

he told me verything , one direction, niall, changing i sat there and cried

he wipped the tears away , i fliniched at his touch

zayn hurt me when we were in grade 7 i was going to apogise for not being there and running from him so many yeas away when he and chole were kissing, she knew i liked him, yes i did like him. i ran away and it took 5 months for me to forgive chole.

i never forgave him though.

he said " sorry" about 1500 times

i thought " maybe i could give him a secound chance.

i told him that.

he smiled the biggest grin ever

"thank you Perrie"

i gasped no one uses my real name

i lied during english

my full name is Perrie May Feilds

only he knew , i was always embarassed about it.

we skipped school cause all we did was a special assembley

i took one look at the motorbike and said "nope, no way am i getting on that, nuhh huh"

he picked my helemt up and put it on my head and put my on the back of the bike, before i could object he said" i suggest you hang on" and then he sped off.

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