Surviving The Dead

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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2014
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Surviving The Dead; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** There is no One Direction... There never was. The world has come to an end, everyone is dying, everyone is running, everyone is lost, and everyone is left behind. When Kim and her husband(James) escapes from the zombie apocalypse, they run across Harry Styles who helps save them. As they moved along they way the found Liam Payne with Zayn Malik, further more they came across Niall Horan who was getting attack by a walker, then towards the end of the boarder line, they find Louis Tomlinson, who is in need of help. The group soon find a place to rest, but when walkers arrived and took over, the groups breaks up.


9. Episode 9(FINALE) - Camp Everlasting

Kim: *hears and wakes up* 

Walker: *growling and walking towards kim* 

Kim: *grabs her gun and shoots the walker* 

(Everyone wakes up quick) 

Kim: *drops the gun* I had to. 

James: *pulls kim and hugs her* It's ok, you did the right thing. 

Kim: We have to go. *runs off* 

James: Wait! *runs after kim* 

Harry: *grabs the bag of guns* C'mon! 

(All Runs) 

Niall: *stops to catch his breath* 

Liam: *grabs onto nialls shirt from the back* Don't stop, c'mon! *pulling niall and runs* 

Niall: *runs* 

Harry: *shoots walkers* 

Louis: *joins harry and shoots walkers* 

Kim: *stands next to harry and Louis and shoots* 

James: *looks at kim jealous* 

Harry: *looks at kim* C'mon. *runs* 

Kim: *runs* 

Louis: *runs after the group* 

(Later That Night) 

Lincoln: Welcome to Camp Everlasting, I'm Lincoln, and I'll be your guys leader for now. *smiles* This is Nick, he'll show you guys around. 

Nick: Hello, welcome to Camp Everlasting, I'll be your guys' tour guide. 

James: James, this is my wife Kim, Harry, Zayn and his wife Perrie... 

Zayn: Fiancé. 

James: Same thing, that's Niall, Liam, and Louis with his girlfriend Eleanor. 

Nick: Welcome, let's get you guys to your tents and get you guys a plate. 

Harry: *puts the bag down onto the ground/sighs* 

Niall: I'm gonna go get something to eat. 

Harry: Ok, I'll be there in a bit. 

Niall: *grabs his plate and sees kim and eleanor eating* Hey, can I sit here? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, go for it. 

Niall: *sits down* I'm starving. *laughs and eats* 

Eleanor: *chuckles* 

Niall: Where's Perrie? 

Kim: *looks at niall with a look* Really? 

Niall: Oh, right, sorry. 

Eleanor: What? 

Niall: Kim and Perrie got into a catfight. 

Eleanor: Is that why you have a scratch on your face. 

Kim: Yeah, thank you Niall! *gets up and leaves* 

James: Hey? 

Kim: I want to be alone right now. 

James: *looks at niall* 

Niall: *talking to Eleanor and laughing* 

James: *walks to niall* What's so funny huh. 

Niall: What you mean? 

James: Talking about my wife! 

Niall: We're not even... *looks at Eleanor confused* 

Eleanor: No, we were just talking about our lives and how we all ended up together at the end. 

James: If I hear that you were talking about my wife... 

Lincoln: Is there a problem? If there is, we're gonna have to ask you to leave. 

James: Me? 

Lincoln: I could add your group too, but they haven't done anything yet. 

James: *looks at niall and walks off* 

Eleanor: Does he not like you? 

Niall: *looks at Lincoln* I don't know. 

Lincoln: Let me know if he's harassing you again. 

Niall: Yeah. 

Lincoln: *walks off* 

Harry: *walking to the food site* 

Zayn: Hey. 

Harry: Oh hey Zayn. 

Zayn: Going to eat? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Zayn: Ok, I'll come with you.  

Liam: *walks out his tent* Oh hey. 

Zayn: We're heading to the food area, want to go with us? 

Liam: No, I'm gonna go shower, it's been a while. 

Harry: Ok, just meet us out there when you're done. 

Liam: *smiles* Ok. *leaves* 

Louis: Oh hey Kim, have you seen Eleanor? 

Kim: Um, yeah, she's out in the food court with Niall. 

Louis: Ok, thank you. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *walks into her tent* 

James: Babe, what is the matter with you? 

Kim: James, I just... I really want to be alone right now ok. Just ten minute ok, ten. That's all I ask for tonight. 

James: Fine, then ten til now, I'll come back. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

James: I love you. 

Kim: I love you too honey. *smiles* 

James: *smiles and leaves back to the cafe* 

Kim: *lays down and rests her eyes* 

Nick: Walkers alert! *starts shooting* 

Louis: Eleanor? *runs faster to the food court* Eleanor! *running* 

Zayn: Perrie!? *runs back to the tent* 

Harry: Liam? *runs and looks for liam* 

(Group Separates) 

Kim: *wakes up quick and tries to look for james* James! 

James: *opens the tent* Babe! *doesn't see kim* Kim! *looking around for kim* 

Kim: James! *shoots walkers* 

Harry: *finds kim* Have you seen Liam? *shoots walkers* 

Kim: *shooting* No, have you seen James!? 

Harry: No! *cont. shooting* 

James: *looking for kim* Kim! 

Eleanor: *runs to Louis* 

Louis: Eleanor! C'mon, we have to get back to our tent! *runs with Eleanor* 

Harry: Wait here! I'm gonna go find Liam! 

Kim: I have to find my husband! 

Harry: Ok, meet here in ten then! 

Kim: Ok! 

Harry: *runs off* Liam! Liam! 

Liam: *not in the shower or his tent* 

Harry: Shit! *looks for liam* 

Kim: *looking for james* James! 

James: *looking for kim* 

Niall: *finds liam* Liam! 

Liam: Niall! Where's everyone? 

Niall: I don't know! I tried looking, but there's too many people!  

Liam: We have to go, we can't stay here, maybe they left already. 

Niall: *runs off with liam* 

Lincoln: Duct down! *throw a grenade* 

Nick: *throws a smoke bomb* 

James: *jumps and covers* 

Harry: Liam! 

Kim: Harry, I couldn't find him, did you find Liam or the others maybe? 

Harry: *runs and find kim* No, but let's go Kim, we have to go now. 

Kim: *cries* I can't without James! 

Harry: Maybe he left with the others, c'mon! *grabs kims hand and runs off* 

Louis: C'mon! Let's get in this car with them! 

Eleanor: *gets in the car* 

Louis: *gets in the car next* 

(Sunrise To Morning) 

Liam: *sitting by the street* 

Niall: *lying down on the grass* 

Liam: I'm sorry. 

Niall: *sits up* For what? 

Liam: For envying you and hating you, it was no use.  

Niall: Yeah, it was. *looks at liam* 

Liam: C'mon, let's go find the others, they can't be too far from here. 

Niall: Alright. 

Liam: *helps niall up and leaves* 

Niall: *follows behind liam* 

Louis: You ok? Were you bit? Hurt? 

Eleanor: No, I'm fine, I'm just worried about the others. 

Louis: Yeah me too, maybe they're with the others or with some people safe. 

Eleanor: I hope so. *leans against louis's arm* 

Louis: *puts his arms around Eleanor* 

Kim: *walking in the woods with her sniper* 

Harry: You ok? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. You? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: Do you think we'll find the others? 

Harry: I doubt it, everyone ran, and everything became a dust when everyone shot. 

Kim: Yeah, James and I just had an conversation and then he left and the shooting happened. He couldn't have gone too far, he has to be nearby. 

Harry: *stops walking* Look around Kim; do you see any of our people? Any of their people... No, we're on our own, again. 

Kim: Don't say that!  

Harry: Who knows if Zayn found Perrie and if they're safe, who knows where Liam is, and who knows if Niall is alive, and Louis and Eleanor if they made it safe or not.  

Kim: And James. 

Harry: I'm sure; he's safe as well Kim. Maybe we'll run into him again. 

Kim: *starts walking* I hope so. 

Lincoln: You alright? 

James: Yeah, I'm alright. 

Lincoln: Good, now get in the car and let's go. This ain't a safe place to stay anymore. *walks off first* 

Nick: *picks james up* C'mon, we can use you as our guy, you seem like a strong person. 

James: *gets in the back of the truck* 

Lincoln: *driving* Why so sad? 

James: Uh... *looks to his shoe* 

Lincoln: Huh? What's with the tone and look. 

James: It's just... I, I lost my wife. *looks at Lincoln thru the rearview mirror*

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