Surviving The Dead

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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2014
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Surviving The Dead; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** There is no One Direction... There never was. The world has come to an end, everyone is dying, everyone is running, everyone is lost, and everyone is left behind. When Kim and her husband(James) escapes from the zombie apocalypse, they run across Harry Styles who helps save them. As they moved along they way the found Liam Payne with Zayn Malik, further more they came across Niall Horan who was getting attack by a walker, then towards the end of the boarder line, they find Louis Tomlinson, who is in need of help. The group soon find a place to rest, but when walkers arrived and took over, the groups breaks up.


4. Episode 4 - Surviving

Harry: *laying on the bottom bunk bed* I'm sorry about your girlfriend. 

Liam: *sighs and turns to face the wall* Yeah, I mean, like Kim said, if it was meant to be, she would still be here. 

Harry: Don't stress too much, everything will be ok at the end. 

Liam: Not really. 

Harry: I mean, it'll take time, just not right now. 

Liam: Yeah, but goodnight, I'm tired, I've been running all day. 

Harry: Alright, goodnight. 

Perrie: Which room are you guys taking? 

Kim: It doesn't matter, this is our home for now. Let's all just get a good night sleep and then we can fix this place up. *smiles* 

Perrie: I like that. *smiles* Ok, goodnight. 

Kim: Goodnight. *smiles* 

Perrie: *walks off to the bedroom with zayn* 

James: *smiles* We can sleep out here. 

Kim: *smiles* Why would we when there's an extra bed in there for us. 

James: You can go to sleep, I'll be on watch. 

Kim: I'm sure we'll be ok babe. *smiles* 

James: Alright.  

Kim: C'mon, let's get to bed. 

James: Ok. 

(The Next Morning) 

Liam: *wakes up and stretches* I can't sleep on this anymore, it's not comfy. 

Harry: Yeah, me neither. 

Kim: *cooking* 

Perrie: Morning. 

Kim: *smiles* Morning, breakfast is almost ready. 

Perrie: Aw, that's nice of you. 

Kim: James and Zayn went out to find more food. 

Perrie: Ok. *smiles* 

Liam: Um, Harry and I are gonna go off. 

Kim: What? To Where? 

Liam: We're gonna go look for another place. 

Perrie: What's wrong with this place? 

Liam: We're not really feeling the beds. 

Harry: There's gotta be another house down the street that has four bedrooms or more. 

Liam: Or at least another car. 

Kim: Ok, well hurry back because it's just gonna be me and Perrie here. 

Harry: Remember what I told you, fire to the head, and try your best... If walkers attack or breaks in. 

Kim: Yeah, I will. 

Harry: We should be back shortly. 

Kim: Ok. 

Harry: *leaves with liam* 

Perrie: I can't kill to save my life. 

Kim: I'll try to save us. *smiles* 

Perrie: Good. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* I really like this place, it's beautiful. 

Perrie: Yeah, it is. *look around* 

Liam: Here, let's try this one. 

Harry: Ok. 

Liam: *breaks the window and opens the door for harry* 

Harry: Whoa, this place is nicer. 

Liam: Look, they got video games and plasma tv. 

Harry: We need this place. 

Liam: Yeah, but let's look at the bedrooms first. 

Harry: Ok. 

Liam: I'll stay on this floor, you can go search upstairs. 

Harry: Meet you here in ten. 

Liam: Alright. *leaves* 

Harry: *walks up the stairs slowly* 

Liam: *looks in the first bedroom* Whoa. *looks around* 

Zayn: Liam and Harry aren't up yet? 

Perrie: They went to look for another place. 

Zayn: What? 

Kim: For back up, in case you know... 

James: Right. 

Perrie: And another car in case as well. 

James: Good, we'll need those, but we brought a lot of food with us. 

Kim: Really? 

James: Yeah, supermarket is around the corner, we could live in there. 

Kim: No one's... 

Zayn: No. 

Kim: Let's wait for the other two. 

James: Of course babe. 

Harry: *takes a wee* 

Liam: *opens the garage door* A workout gym in here, no way, we really do need this place. Harry! 

Harry: *weeing* Yeah! 

Liam: Let's go! We need this place right now! 

Harry: Ok! *meets up with liam* 

Liam: Two rooms down here, two bathrooms, and a gym, plus the kitchen and living room slash game room. 

Harry: Three bedrooms upstairs, two and a half bathrooms, a walk in closet with many clothes for all of us. 

Liam: Shoes? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Liam: Alright, let's go back to the house. 

Harry: Alright. *leaves with liam* 

(Later On) 

Perrie: Wow, this place is nice. 

Liam: It's got everything. 

James: We're staying here. 

Kim: We might not even need to go to the safe house, we can just live here. 

Harry: Yeah, I mean, it's still clean, food is fresh, clothes is as well, and hey, we got a laundry room. *smiles* 

Liam: And a gym to work out. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* This house is perfect. 

Harry: But remember, no making too much noise. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Zayn: Well, Perrie and I can take one of the rooms down here. 

James: Yeah, so will Kim and I. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Liam: Harry and I will each take a room upstairs, making it with one room left for any events. *smiles* 

Perrie: *chuckles* Sure Liam. 

Liam: Alright, goodnight. 

Zayn: Goodnight. 

Liam: *walks off* 

Kim: Well... I guess I'll be next. 

James: Ok, I'll be right in. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and leaves* 

Harry: Alright, see you all tomorrow evening because I'm planning on sleeping in. *chuckles* 

Perrie: *chuckles* Goodnight Harry. 

Harry: *smiles and leaves* 

James: Alright, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask ok. 

Zayn: Yeah, I'll listen for walkers and if anything, we'll sure tell you. 

James: Alright, get some rest. *leaves* 

Perrie: C'mon babe. 

Kim: Everything ok? 

James: Yeah, why? 

Kim: *smiles* Just asking. Babe? 

James: Yeah honey? 

Kim: I love you. 

James: I love you too babe. *goes and lays next to kim* 

Kim: *sleeps in james arms* 

James: *cuddles up with kim* 

Liam: *looking out the window and sees a walker* 

Walker: *walking around the neighborhood* 

Liam: *closes his blinds and steps away to the bed* 

Harry: *fixing the bed* 

Zayn: *lays down next to Perrie* Goodnight babe. 

Perrie: *cuddles against zayn* Goodnight handsome.

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