Surviving The Dead

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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2014
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Surviving The Dead; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** There is no One Direction... There never was. The world has come to an end, everyone is dying, everyone is running, everyone is lost, and everyone is left behind. When Kim and her husband(James) escapes from the zombie apocalypse, they run across Harry Styles who helps save them. As they moved along they way the found Liam Payne with Zayn Malik, further more they came across Niall Horan who was getting attack by a walker, then towards the end of the boarder line, they find Louis Tomlinson, who is in need of help. The group soon find a place to rest, but when walkers arrived and took over, the groups breaks up.


3. Episode 3 - Not Meant To Be

Kim: *stops walking* 

James: What is it? 

Kim: *looks at harry* Are we almost there yet? 

Harry: Right now, I don't know where we are. 

Kim: What?! 

James: Babe, it's ok. 

Kim: How can you not know where we are?! 

Harry: It's not my place, I just saw it down the way.  

James: Shut up. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

James: Look. 

Harry: *looks* 

Kim: *looks and sees a heard of walkers* Shit. 

James: *grabs onto kim* We have to, go! *runs* 

Kim: *runs* 

Harry: *runs* 

Walkers: *runs after the group* 

Harry: Look! The gun shop! 

James: Quick! 

Kim: It's locked! 

Harry: It can't be, there must be someone in there. *tries to break the door open* 

James: Move. 

Harry: *moves aside* 

James: *kicks the door and it swings open* C'mon! 

Harry: *grabs a gun and a grip of ammos* Here, take this one. 

Kim: I don't even know how to shoot! 

James: You'll have to learn on the way. 

Harry: I'll teach you, but first, we have to grab as much as we can and move before we get trapped. 

James: *grabs as much as he can* 

Kim: *starts grabbing ammos* 

Harry: We good? 

Gun Shop Worker: What are you doing?! 

James: We're sorry, is this your place? 

Gun Shop Worker: Yes! Give them back! Leave! 

Harry: Look, I'm sorry we broked in, we need these more than you do right now. 

Gun Shop Worker: No, take it, just give me $5,000 for them all. 

James: $5,000? 

Kim: Are you serious right now dude!? The world is dead and you're asking for money?! 

Gun Shop Worker: Watch your fuckin mouth! 

James: Hey! Watch your language!  

Harry: *calmly* Look, we don't want to cause any trouble, we just came by to get what we need and we are on our way. We didn't mean to cause anything. 

Gun Shop Worker: You broked in! You're robbing me! I should call the cops on you right now. 

James: I don't even think you stand a chance with them, everyone in town is dead bro! Are you coming with us or are you gonna stay here and be trapped. 

Gun Shop Worker: I have enough ammo's and guns to kill. 

Harry: Good, then we're off. *looks at james and kim and then walks off first* 

Walkers: *walking towards the shop* 

Gun Shop Worker: *shoots at the walkers* 

Kim: Are you seriously leaving him behind?! 

Harry: You heard him, he has enough ammo's. *cont. walking* 

Kim: *feels bad* 

James: Look, there's a truck over there. *runs* 

Harry: *looks and runs* 

Kim: *runs* 

James: Sit in the middle babe, it'll be safer for you. 

Kim: Ok. *goes and sits in the middle* 

Harry: *sits on the passenger side* 

James: *starts the engine and drives off* 

Gun Shop Worker: *gets attacked by the walkers* 

Liam: C'mon babe! We have to keep moving. 

Sophia: I can't run anymore babe! Stop pressuring me! 

Perrie: *runs back to Sophia* C'mon Soph, you can do it, we can't stop now. 

Liam: C'mon babe!  

Sophia: *runs* 

Liam: *runs* 

Sophia: *stops to catch her breath/exhales* I am tired, guys, I can't...  

Walker: *attacks Sophia from behind* 

Sophia: *screams in pain* 

Liam: *turns around* Babe! 

Perrie: *shocked/gasp* 

Liam: *about to run back to Sophia* 

Zayn: *stops liam in time* Forget it, we have to keep moving Liam, we have to keep moving. 

Sophia: *screaming for help* Help me! 

Liam: *cries* 

Zayn: *puts his hand behind liam's back and pushes him* C'mon. *runs* 

Perrie: *runs* 

Liam: *takes a last look at Sophia* I love you babe. *runs off* 

Liam: *runs out of the woods and into the street* 

James: *slams his breaks* 

Kim: Wow! 

Harry: Who's that? *looks out his window* 

Perrie: *runs out from the woods* 

Zayn: *runs out from the woods with Perrie* 

Harry: *slowly gets out the car* Are you bit?! 

Perrie: *out of breath* No, we lost one, but can you please help us? We need to get a safe camp. 

James: C'mon in, there's enough room in the back for you three! 

Zayn: C'mon. *grabs perrie's hand and runs to the truck* 

Liam: *slowly walks to the truck* 

Zayn: Liam, it's gonna be ok. 

Liam: She should be here, it's all m fault. 

Kim: *turns around* What happened? 

Perrie: We were out hiking when all of a sudden we heard screaming. We went to check it out and saw a field full of walkers. 

Kim: Hey you, what happened? Are you ok? 

Liam: *sitting in silence* 

Kim: *waiting for liam's response* 

Liam: Yeah... I um, my girlfriend got attacked just now. 

Kim: I'm really sorry it happened to you... I lost my newborn in the hospital. 

Zayn: What happened? 

Kim: I had just given birth two days ago and the next morning... This happened.  

Liam: I'm very sorry about your newborn. 

Kim: *forces a small smile* It's ok, maybe it wasn't meant to be. 

Perrie: What do you mean it's ok? It's not! 

Kim: I mean, if it was, she would have made it out with us, but she didn't. Maybe your girlfriend and you weren't meant to be neither. 

Liam: Maybe. *looks down to his shoe in silence* 

Kim: *turns back around* 

Zayn: *puts his arms around liam for comfort* She's in a better place now Liam. 

Liam: Yeah. *sad* 

James: This looks like a good place, we can rest here. 

Harry: Yeah, let's crash here. 

James: *pulls up to the driveway and parks* 

Harry: We have to be quiet, do not attract walkers or make noises to attract them. *gets the bag of guns and ammos* 

Perrie: *looks around* 

Zayn: C'mon. 

James: *breaks into the house* 

Harry: *looks around* Wow, this place is nice. Too bad they had to abandon it. 

Kim: Good, it's our safe for now. *smiles and walks off* 

Liam: I'm gonna look for clothes and head in the shower. *walks off* 

Harry: Yeah me too. *walks off* 

Kim: *smiles at Perrie* Hi, I'm Kim Theo and this is my husband James Theo. *smiles* 

Perrie: Perrie Edwards, and this is my fiancé Zayn Malik. *smiles* 

Zayn: *smiles* Thank you for letting us join you guys. 

James: Not a problem. *smiles* 

Perrie: *smiles*

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