Surviving The Dead

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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2014
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Surviving The Dead; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** There is no One Direction... There never was. The world has come to an end, everyone is dying, everyone is running, everyone is lost, and everyone is left behind. When Kim and her husband(James) escapes from the zombie apocalypse, they run across Harry Styles who helps save them. As they moved along they way the found Liam Payne with Zayn Malik, further more they came across Niall Horan who was getting attack by a walker, then towards the end of the boarder line, they find Louis Tomlinson, who is in need of help. The group soon find a place to rest, but when walkers arrived and took over, the groups breaks up.


1. Episode 1 - What In The Bloody Hell?

James: *arriving at the hospital* 

People: *running for their lives* 

James: *concerned* Why are you guys running?  

Person 1: Run! Don't ask why! *runs off* 

James: What happened?! Is everyone ok!? 

Person 2: It's happening, it's real! Run! *grabs onto james and runs* 

James: *pulls his arms away* What is going on! My fiancé is in there! She just had a baby! 

Person 2: I wouldn't go in there, I wouldn't dare... *runs off* 

James: *runs into the hospital* Kim! Kim! *looks around* What happened? 

Nurse 1: *runs towards james* 

James: Whoa! What happened?  

Nurse 1: We have to go, it's not safe here!  

James: I have to find my fiancé and my newborn! 

Nurse 1: There's a chance they're dead. 

James: *shocked* No, it's not true! 

Nurse 1: Take my advice son, run! !t's not safe, it's not what you think it is anymore. *runs off* 

James: *looks around and covers his nose and mouth* Kim! 

Kim: *hears the noises and gets up* What is going on? 

Nurse 2: *running* C'mon, we have to go! 

Kim: What is it? I need my baby. 

Nurse 2: I'm sorry; we can't go back that way! C'mon! 

Kim: I'm not leaving without... 

James: Kim! 

Kim: James! *runs and hugs james* What is going on? 

James: I don't know, people are dead down there, something viciously attacked them.  

Kim: Carslie, we need to get her!  

James: Where is she? 

Nurse 2: She should be in the nursing room, it's locked, it's safe, and they can't get her! We need to move! 

Kim: What?! No! I need my baby! 

Nurse 2: Right this way, hurry, c'mon. 

James: It got quiet. 

Nurse 2: *shushing* Shhh. 

Kim: What? 

Nurse 2: Shut up! 

Kim: *listens* What is that? 

Nurse 2: I don't know they killed everyone; I don't know how it started. 

Kim: Look, there she is. *smiles* Carslie. 

Nurse 2: *unlocks the doors* 

Walkers: *hears the noise and bangs on the window door from the other side* 

Kim: *screams* 

Walkers: *looks and sees kim* 

Kim: What is that thing! 

Walkers: *walks towards them* 

James: It's a walker, the apocalypse has happened!  

Kim: Get my baby! 

Nurse 2: I can't... We have to run, there's no way we can get over there without getting attacked.  

Kim: Then I'll go! I'm not leaving my baby behind! 

Nurse 2: *cries* No! Run for your lives! *throws herself at the walkers* 

Walkers: *attacks nurse 2* 

Kim: *screams* No! 

James: C'mon! *pulls kim and runs off* 

Kim: *runs* 

James: Don't stop running! 

Kim: *pulls herself away and stops* 

James: Kim! 

Kim: *crying* We have to go back, we have to get Carslie!  

James: It's too late, we already got out of there, and we can't go back! 

Kim: Fine! Then I will! *runs back into the hospital* 

James: Babe! *runs after kim* 

Kim: *stops to catch her breath* 

James: *stops* The, the, the um... the door. 

Kim: *cries silently* No... *walks up to the window/sighs* 

James: *slowly walks up to the window* 

Nurse 2: *attacks Carslie* 

Kim: *screams and bangs on the window* No! *cont. banging on the window* 

James: Kim! *runs* 

Groups of Walkers: *walks towards kim* 

Kim: *screams at the walkers* No! I hate you! *cont. screaming* 

James: *goes and pulls kim and runs* 

Kim: *runs and falls* 

James: C'mon! *pulls kim up and runs* 

Kim: *stops to catch her breath* 

James: C'mon! 

Kim: I can't run anymore, just go without me please. 

James: *walks back to kim and kisses her* I'm not leaving you behind, ever. 

Kim: I can't... 

James: *sees walkers coming towards them* We have to move! *picks up kim and runs* 

Kim: Stop, stop! I need to catch my breath. 

James: I think we're good for now. *out of breath* Look a car, there's gotta some water or food in there. *walks to the car* 

Walker: *tries to attack james* 

Kim: James! 

James: *pushes the walker and stomps on his head* 

Kim: *cries* 

James: *hugs kim* I'm alright, I'm alright babe. *scared* 

Kim: We need to be somewhere safe, we can't stay out in the open like this. 

James: Let's go, we have to go. *walks off with kim* 

Harry: *running for his life* 

Walkers: *chasing after harry* 

Harry: *pushes walkers away and shoots them* 

Kim: What is that? 

James: Gunshots! It must be near, maybe we can help eachother! 

Harry: *cont. shooting walkers* 

James: Look over there. 

Kim: *looks and sees harry* 

Harry: *cont. shooting* 

James: Hey! 

Harry: *kills all walkers* 

James: Hey! 

Harry: *looks at james and kim* Quick! This way! 

James: *holding kims hand and runs* 

Harry: Quick! Let's find a car! We need to go! 

James: I saw a car back that way, maybe we can make it start. 

Harry: Great idea, c'mon! *runs off first* 

Kim: *out of breath/runs after harry and james* 

James: This one. 

Harry: *peeks at the car* The keys are still in there. *cracks open the door* It's unlocked! *trying to start the car* 

Kim: *runs and looks* 

James: Babe, sit in the back, it's safer for you. 

Kim: Ok. *kisses james* 

James: I'll sit in the front to protect you. 

Kim: I love you. 

James: I love you too babe. 

Harry: *gets the engine to work* 

James: *sits in* 

Harry: *driving* 

James: James Theo, and that's my wife Kim Theo. 

Harry: Harry, Harry Styles. 

James: Thanks man, you're a good person. 

Harry: Just glad I'm not in this alone. 

James: Appreciate your help a lot. 

Harry: No, thank you.

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