I'll do whatever it takes


3. paradise

Nash's P.O.V

When I saw shay walk through the door I was thinking "wow, she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen"

"Holy frig she's hot" Cam said

"I know" I said smiling

Shays P.O.V

When I walked out everyone was staring at me, did I miss something?

Anyway I was all cooled down

Then I seen Nash come up to me

"Hey I'm Nash" he said holding out his hand, but then someone pushed him

"I'm Cameron" Cam said biting his lip

And then another person pushed him

"Hey! I'm JC!" Jc says

I start laughing at them as they get off the floor

"What so funny?" Matt Espinosa says walking over

"I just think its funny that they think they have to introduce themselves" I say laughing

"I'm a big fan haha, I watch all of your vids, you guys are hilarious"

"But I'm the funniest right?" Cam says

"Your all funny" I say

"Yeah but do u think I'm the funniest?" He says again

"Sure Cam, whatever" I say smiling

Then the song marry me comes on, and they start coming over to me on one knee and singing along

I start blushing and laughing at the same time

This is a dream come true.

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