I'll do whatever it takes


2. paradise

*Your P.O.V*

Starbucks is like 15 mins away so I turn on the radio, and my favourite song comes on, love LA by emblem 3

I start singing along because today's a good day, I get to have a vacation with my friends and have nothing to worry about.

When I get to Starbucks I pull in the parking lot and see my friends Dar, Ashlyn and Macie.

I get out of the car and run up and hug them, then we go inside, get a drink, and head to the air port.

When it was time we get on the plane and head to Florida!

"I am so bored. I just can't wait to get off this plane and shop." Dar says

"Yeah me too, but first we have to meet Ricky and put our stuff in the house"

"Oh yeah "Ricky"" Ashlyn said

They didn't believe that I was friends with Ricky, I can't wait to see their faces when they see him.

*a few hours later*

The plane landed in Florida, finally, we got our things and started walking.

Florida was beautiful, it was a dream come true.

Then I see a tall guy with chestnut hair and run up to him and jump on his back

"HOLY FRIG" he screams, I get off and then he turns around

"Hey Ricky" I say hugging him

"OMG! Hey shay!"

"I missed you!" I say

"I missed you too!" He says

Then I look beside him and see Kian


"Hey shay! Long time no see!" He says hugging me

I take them by the hands and introduce them to my friends.

They start screaming.


After they calm down we get into Ricky's car and start driving to his place.

When we get there we get our stuff and head to the door

I just stand there holding on to my friends hands with butterfly's in my stomach

"You guys going in?" Ricky asks

"Um yeah, just give me a minute"

"You okay shay? You look kinda pale" Macie asks

"Um yeah, just nervous" I say

"You ready to go in?" Ashlyn asks

"Um, sure, hopefully I don't freak them out by getting to excited" I say

When we walk in I see all the boys dancing to music and goofing around

"I think I'm gunna puke" I whisper to Dar

"Same" she says

Ricky and Kian take our hands and take us upstairs.

"Guys, this is Shay, Dar, Ashlyn, and Macie!" He says

"HEY!!!!" They all say coming over to give us a hug

I start to panic because I'm afraid I'll start screaming or crying, I'm like there biggest fan and don't want them to think I'm crazy.

I struggle out and go over to Ricky.

"Um where's the bathroom?" I ask as my heart was racing

"Over there" he said pointing to a door

I run in turn the water on and immediately start crying because I was so excited.

Then I dry my eyes and walk out.

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