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3. Lex and Niall/Zayn

"Zayn?" I asked as a pair of hands covered my eyes.

"No!" The voice protested

"Ashton?" I took a lucky guess

"Nooo!" The voice said again

"Niall, where's the pizza?" An Australian voice asked

"Mikey, you've given the game away!" The voice replied

"Niall, your Niall!" I shouted ripping the hands off my face.

"Thanks Mikey!" Niall said sarcastically.

"Hey Lex can I ask you something?" Niall asked lowering his voice so I couldn't actually hear him.

"Niall say it louder I couldn't hear you!" I said

He let out an exasperated sigh and pulled my wrist.

"Come with me" he said pulling me out of the kitchen.

As I was being pulled through the tour bus getting some funny looks off the other boys we finally got to the bunks.

"Ah Lex just the girl I wanted to see!" Zayn said as he climbed out of his bunk.

"Can I talk to her first?" Niall asked Zayn

"I won't be long, just a quick question." Zayn argued.

The two of them kept fighting over who was going to to talk to me first until I couldn't take anymore.

"Just say what you wanna say at the same time!" I protested sitting on my bunk.

"Lex will you go out with me?" They said in sync

"Um, I'm sorry NiNi, but I've had a crush on Zayn since forever!" I said. After I said that I felt so guilty but it's true I had had a crush on Zayn ever since I met him.

"Is it true Lex?" Zayn asked me. Oh my Gawd I've just been through this with you guys.

"Yeah" I said

"So have I" he replied. I felt my self leaning in until I could feel his stubble scrape on the skin above my lips. Then I felt his soft lips gently pressing against mine. Our lips moved in sync with each other. I pulled away.

"You wanna take this to my bunk?" He asked

"Go on then." I replied


For Lex, hope you like it! - Jasey-Rae

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