Cancer *Ava Lavender Competion*

Leukemia at age 12 can severely mess up a life. That exactly what happens for Lexi Daniels. But the thing that seperates her from the rest of the world is the massive tumor in her brain.


3. Chapter 3

In the hospital

You see Lainee sitting next to Lexi.


Audrey, and Anna their older sisters run into the room in tears.

Their parents ,Callie and Jonathan, aren't far behind.

"Lainee! What happened?" Jonathan Daniels asked

"She passed out and started to shake daddy!" Lainee Daniels stated.

"Oh god....." Callie Daniels whispered.

Audrey and Anna start to sob heavily.

The Doctor roamed in.

"Patient Alexandra,is needed for an MRI."





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