Christopher's Fairytale

Started as just a fun little Fairytale for my little brother,but grew from there.*For the Worlds Apart Competition Sorry if my format is a bit off.I had written and uploaded this from my phone.Also * = the word(s) is italicized and ** = it is bold


1. Fairytale For Christopher

Once upon a time there was a girl with raven black hair that was straighter than the calmest waters,and eyes bluer then the clearest skies and ocean.She had the most perfect and flawless skin and body then anyone in the whole world,but no man,child or woman would talk to her for fear they would be killed.Why?Because the king Resputian made the decree that if anyone spoke to her before she agreed to marry him,they would be killed.One day though a man by the name of Christopher seen the beautiful lady being taken to the mean tyrant king Resputian,and knew he had rescue her. So that night when they took her to the shed meant for the horses(which displeased Christopher even more.),he decided to sneak in the back and get her.But when he got her,and was almost out the back door again,the king entered!Fortunately for the two the king mistaken a sleeping foal for the girl and,thinking she was sleeping,left.The two sighed in relief and looked at one another until they realized they should leave before they really do get caught.So Christopher ran off into the woods never letting the girl's hand go until he figured they were a good distance away.

"What is your name kind sir?"The girl said finally looking at her rescuer in the eyes.

"My name is Prince Christopher,son of late King Richard,the rightful heir to the throne."Christopher replied"May I ask what your name is?"

"I-I'm Robin,Robin Nightingale.Are you really Richard's son?!"She asked in disbelief

"Yes,I was gone though, and came back when I found out about my father's death.If I had known how my uncle Resputian was treating all of you I would have got here even sooner."Christopher said Robin looked at Christopher as he spoke,seeing as she hadn't had the chance to when they were running.He was very handsome.He had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that seemed to smile at her,and a very lean yet strong build.He was at least two inches shorter than her five foot eight.

"So why has my uncle been so harsh to you?"Christopher asked Robin ,breaking her thoughts

"When Richard was confirmed dead,Resputian declared himself King and Ruler of the Lands and demanded that every single young virgin woman was to be gathered in his palace immediately.When my parents refused to hand me over,unlike the other parents, he told the soldiers to ignore me and let me be.Then two days later after he had made the order;and the other women were 'evaluated' and there was no more young virgin women in line to be 'evaluated';he had a guard come and get me from my family when we were sleeping.When I woke I noticed I was in one of the royal bedrooms.At first I had been confused,but then the King himself came in my room and explained that I was to become his wife.He explained how honored I should feel,but all I felt was anger.It wasn't until he told me how I was to never speak to anyone without his permission and that I was to agree with his every word and whim,though that I acted on my anger..."Robin answered trailing off

"What did you do?"Christopher asked completely absorbed in her story

"I told him no one in their right mind would be honored to be his wife,and then I threw him into a wall,he got right up though and looked at me and told that I would marry him willingly or he would make me.He said if I tried to use my magic against him again he would kill my family in front of my eyes.So I have been locked up since then,and each morning I am dragged up to the palace so the king can see if I have changed my mind yet."She said to Christopher

,her blue eyes glittering with unshed tears.Christopher knew then that he must stop his uncle's reign now,or else more people will suffer.So Christopher decided to do something he thought he would never have to.He would have to call *him.

"Robin look at me.I need you to run and keep running till you see a cabin it's hard not to notice.I want you to stay there till I get you,okay"Christopher said holding her shoulders and looking in her eyes as she nods

"What are you going to do?"She asked quietly,as if she was afraid to know

"I'm going to save my people the only way I know how."He said not really answering "Now go."

As Christopher seen her disappear through the trees he went back to the barn running.When he got there he went to the last stall and began to speak.

"Shh hey Fenrir it's time to wake up."Christopher said nudging what seemed to a foal "*Draco expergiscimini veteres amici salvum in castellum carissimi Fenrir."(Dragon Save the village, wake up dear old friend Fenrir.)"Please work."He whispered.

"WHY HAVE I BEEN AWOKEN CHILD"Fenrir asked his voice booming in the small barn making him seem angry when in reality he was the opposite.

"My father,the king died.He had fallen while I was away.When I heard the news I came back only to find my uncle Resputian on the throne,abusing his power and making my people suffer."Christopher told the purple and white dragon.

"Can you not just take the throne back?Why do you need my help?"Fenrir asked lowering his voice so it wouldn't be as loud as before.

"My uncle has the villagers terrified and believing me dead.As for the guards,they were all replaced by his own goons.The worst thing is he has my mother,Patricia.Please Dragon,Fenrir I **need your help!"Christopher pleaded getting on his knees.

"Fine I shall help."Fenrir spoke

Finally after preparing for battle Christopher and Fenrir was ready.They marched straight to the door and was met by what seemed to be thousands and thousands of guards.Christopher and Fenrir fought hard but as the battle raged on with no sight of his mother or of Resputian,Christopher started to lose hope .It was at the time that something moved out of the corner of his eye.It was his mother being dragged by Resputian himself.

"FENRIR IT'S MOTHER SHE'S OVER THERE!"He yelled to Fenrir,whom he was riding,and pointed to where Resputian was dragging his mom.Fenrir swooped down to where Christopher pointed.

Once there Fenrir grabbed Patricia,while Christopher fought Resputian.But things had taken a turn for the worse as Christopher fell on a rock leaving him wide open.As Christopher shut his eyes waiting for the blow that would never come he heard the unmistakenable voice of Robin.

"No!*immobilis petrificus totalus!"She yelled making Resputian's knife fall out of his hand,and making him not able to move.

"I thought I told you to stay away."Christopher said smiling

"You did,but I didn't listen.I knew you'd need my help,after all you are just a boy."she smiled then reached down and kissed him.

"How would you like to be queen?"He asked flipping her over and making him on top so he could see her eyes.

"I don't know does that mean I have to dress up all the time?"She asked teasingly

"Not if you don't want to."he said back

"Then,yes I would love to be your queen."She said

The End

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