Give Me Love (A Dramione Fanfiction)

All I want is the taste that your lips allow
-Ed Sheeran

The story of how a perfect girl came to fall in love with a imperfect man.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry potter characters or Hogwarts or I only own the plot of this story. 98% goes to jk rowling, universal, warner bros etc


2. Merlin Granger

I trudged back to my common room hoping that Draco hadn't returned yet. He seems very popular this year and isn't usually back at the common room until late at night. I feel mostly alone because Harry and Ron have taken jobs as aurors at the Ministry. I was also offered a job but gladly turned it down to come back to Hogwarts to finish my studies. I have no desire to fight evil wizards for the rest of my life contrary to Harry and Ron. I wanted an office job in the ministry. Head of the department of mysteries perhaps? I continued my thought filled journey back to the common room when I ran into a Hufflepuff boy and Ravenclaw girl kissing passionately. "Excuse me." I said stiffly. They broke apart looking embarrassed. "What do you think you're doing? It's past curfew. Get back to your house. They left together. "Separate houses." I clarified . They parted ways and I heard the boy curse under his breath and say " Damn bitch. No wonder she's single. Ugly witch." I felt my fists clench and tears well up in my eyes. I walked remarkably fast back to the common room. I mumble the password and walked in. Draco was sitting on the couch reading something he looked up and smirked. "Next time you enter do try to be more quiet mud-" he stopped. "Granger are you crying?" He asked in disbelief. The tears fell freely down my cheeks. "Why the hell can't you ever just give me a break Malfoy? I already know I'm an ugly mudblood. So for once in your entire life. SHUT THE FUCK UP." I screamed before running to my room. I slammed the door to see my mirror across the room from me. I took it and punched it. It shattered all around me. My knuckles were cut and bleeding pretty badly. I went into our shared bathroom and started to wash my cuts. "Shit" I muttered as the cold water stung my cuts. "Who knew the bookworm had such a foul mouth?" Said a voice from the corner of the room. "What the hell do you want Malfoy?" I whimpered tears still running down my cheeks. "Believe it or not I came to see if you were ok. I can't sleep with all your blubbering." Malfoy replied. I cursed again as my bleeding knuckles started to sting again. "Merlin Granger! What the bloody hell have you done?" He said gawking at my knuckles. "I punched the mirror in my bedroom." I mumbled. He stared at me in disbelief. "Shit, I didn't know you were so hardcore Granger. It's kind of hot." He said smirking at the last bit. I blushed a deep shade of red. "So are you.... Y'know ok?" He asked awkwardly. "I don't know." I replied honestly. "What happened?" He asked. "Why do you care?" I responded quickly. He shrugged and looked at feet. "Shut up mudblood." I continued to wash my cuts. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub and looked down. We stayed like this for a while. "So tomorrow." He began. "Would you like meet up at The Three Broomsticks to start planing this thing?" I nodded. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I was a mess. My hair was everywhere from crying and my eyes were red. My cheeks flushed and lips swollen. I pulled hair up out of my face and wiped the tears. I took a deep breath. "Alright Granger?" He finally spoke. I nodded again. "I'll see you at Hogsmeade then?" I asked. He nodded. "And tomorrow evening?" "Yes Granger my god" he said exasperatedly. Then we parted ways and went to sleep.

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