live & love babyninja

a open heart speaking to ones soul


1. AP

 AP you are missed and its sad being torn, safer to be cold  then being in a embrass, And let passion in but its over . And you live forever in a heart  thats been broken. whos love  is affinity,  other lips may some day  have the soft loveing feeling of your  lips. and not me .something in side of me has died , all thats left is loving you . But shouldnt as much as i do.  suddenly  i die a bit every time i think of it.   
-rb- 4:-AP (b4you lose it  and be mean  please take a breath  try to understand   then respond if u will 
their is shared feelings  in  this        1:hurt 2: love  plus more .
i still love you  . it doent shake off . even trying or moving on  its you that i see . it feels so wrong . with no shine or spark  with in me . only tears and regret of lossing you . and every thing  
else . along with what made me  me ) you transformd me  thank you .I left all the dark ways that life could take you .i was in the corner  not to expose me and my fears and turn of events ,for too long   it took 28years of survival mastering . and masking  mending .  that you in short time made everthing clear that i begain to live and blossom but i yet to bloom you at once became  my ultimate fear ,  yet hope seeps in tellng me you love him what  part dont you get , that my heart telling me this   ,so  my head sayd your fult  you lied you let him in your heart you fuck up you fool 
you lost the only love that was true . im sorry of what i did to you  your one of a kind  made me feel safe  and love for once in my life thank you for being that man .and the ugly side as well .  ill never be free of you  . but i free u cause i love you i dont want to but its aganst  my will  so you can be happy  and never would i want you to ever stop loving me 
or to hate me so i do as you will . i just ask not to cut me out of your life  like this i still need you to talk to  even if its  hello or bye shit or your an ass   .! rb  if im a gost  bye my love 

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