Stop hurting me

" why don't you love me!" He screamed violently, clenching his fists.
" how do you expect me to love you when you keep hurting me!" I struggled to yell back. He through another punch at my head, and it all went black.


4. 4

I slowly and carefully pushed myself off the ground. Turning and Staring at my reflection in the old mirror hung on the door. Honestly, I looked terrible. My brown hair flowed in messy waves and curls, resting on my shoulders. My arms and legs were covered in cuts and bruises from tortured abuse. My face was pale, a deep bruise against my jawline, Harry's favorite place to punch me, and my once bright blue eyes were now dim. I tugged on my shirt, it was ripped dirty, along with my shorts, making me wish I had something else to wear.

I sighed, and stepped away from the mirror. I hate looking at myself. It reminds me too much of how Harry has been hurting me. For some reason I don't like thinking about that. I really wished he'd be less forceful in trying to 'get me to love him'

I slowly made my way to my bed, sitting down softly and letting out a small sigh. At times like this I really wish I had Sam, he's my dog. He is a big, friendly lab, he always makes me feel better. Honestly he's my only friend.

Tears slipped from my cheeks and splattered onto my arms. I hissed when they seeped into my cuts, salt burning bloody scrapes. I bit my lip, forcing the tears back into my eyes and lightly wiping my wet arms.

I heard the small squeak of the door, causing me to look up. I watched as Harry looked down at me, while holding on to the doorknob.

"What do you want" I croaked turning back to look at my hands." Im sorry" he whispered. I didn't answer him, I was in no mood to. "Please forgive me...ebony"

I kept my eyes on the wooden floor boards that stretched across the dusty room. I watched as the tips of Harry's shoes came into view as he walked closer.

" I'm not bad ebony" he kneeled in front of me, almost forcing me to look at him. But I used everything in me to focus on the rips in my shirt, poking my fingertips through the holes.

" I can get you a new one" he said softly. " a new what?" I replied coldly, in all honesty that's what he deserved, the cold hand. He sighed " a new shirt baby girl"

I cringed, I hate when he calls be that, baby girl. I never understood it, I don't know if it's a way of showing dominance over me. Like I'm the child so, he must call me a baby. Or if he honestly just saw me as a baby, maybe as a cruel joke to torment me on how much I cry.

" I don't need one" I mumbled, lifting my gaze to meet eyes with his. His dark green eyes softened and lightened a bit as he stared at me. His face inches from mine.

I felt my breath hitch in the back of my throat as his eyes flickered to my lips. As an instant reaction I scooted back, bring my feet up on to the bed with me.

The springs creaked under me loudly as I shuffled back. Bringing my knees to my chest. Harry sighed standing up. I looked up at him from the ball I had made of myself. He looked at me, and hesitantly left a soft kiss on my forehead.

I flinched under his touch, and hid my head in my lap. I peeked at him, and watched him walk out the door. Head low, making sure to close the door behind him again.

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