Stop hurting me

" why don't you love me!" He screamed violently, clenching his fists.
" how do you expect me to love you when you keep hurting me!" I struggled to yell back. He through another punch at my head, and it all went black.


2. 2

I took small steps through the dark field. So dark the only thing you could see through the darkness were the darker shadows of trees. I should of just kept my head low like the other girls, and I wouldn't be in this mess. I would still be in school, still have a job, still have my dog, still have my house. The tears started to brew in my eyes thinking about all the things I had lost. But I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I promised that I wouldnt let him break me. Problem is he already has, and I'm just lying to myself every time I say he hasn't yet. I blinked away the tears, and looked ahead at the dark shadows with glossy eyes, and kept walking. A rustling from behind made me stop dead in my tacks, i stiffened up as all my senses became high and alert. " baby girl" his voice blew through my ears with the chilling breeze. I bit my lip, silently praying it was my imagination. " baby girl, you didn't think you'd get away that easy did you?" I could feel his heat from behind as he walked up to me. " n-no,sir" I stuttered as my head faced the ground. He chuckle darkly " you can't leave until you love me remember?" He wrapped his arms around me, and tugged me to his waist. "I'll never love you" I said under my breath, but because of the silence he heard me "I had a feeling you'd say that" his voice got deeper, which meant he was angry. He unwrapped his arms from my waist, pushing me over onto my stomach. I groaned in pain as I sat up, looking up at his tall figure. I shuffled away from him, as an attempt to get away. But every time I moved farther away, he'd get closer. Eventually my back hit a tree, preventing me from moving any further. He chuckled, kneeling in font of me. I gulped hard as he put his hand on my cheek, rubbing it gently with his thumb. " how many times have you tried running from me?" He asked. " t-to many times" I whispered " exactly. Now , baby girl can we do this the easy way? Or are you going to make this hard for daddy?" He said as he slipped his hand into my hair, pulling his fingers through my brown waves. I swallowed a lump in my throat, looking down, staying quiet. He sighed " I see" he pulled his hand away from me, moving it to his back pocket, pulling out a cloth. " don't hold your breath this time" he said as he held it over my mouth and nose. I did as he said and breathed in the fumes of the cloth, slowly losing consciousness.

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