YJ Truth or Dare

*ATTENTION ALL YOUNG JUSTICE FANS* This is a Truth or Dare game between Wally, Dick, M'gann, Conner, Artemis, Kaldur, Rocket, and Zatanna, PLUS Characters that YOU created. Ex: the Canary which I made up myself and will be using her. There are more details in the first chapter.


2. The Day

The team, which includes Aqualad (Kaldur), Robin (Dick-That's his name), Kid Flash (Wally), Canary (Becca), Superboy (Conner), Miss Martian (M'gann), Artemis, Zatanna, Rocket (Raquel), Ms. Wonder (Skylar), and Patriot (Jack), were all waiting for another mission in the Cave, Wally was eating popcorn, Becca and Skylar were sparring for Black Canary, Dick was trying to get Zatanna to like him (she already does, he doesn't know that), Kaldur and Artemis were talking about sorcery, Raquel and Jack were taking about video games, and Superboy and M'gann were kissing. A woman who looked exactly like Becca before her looks changed, came in. 

Black Canary, stopped the girls do they could see who was there. Becca stared. "MOM!?" "Hello Becca, Black Canary, please do what we agreed on." Black Canary nodded as she shut down the Zeta-Tubes. 

"Today," Mrs. Tigra stated, "and tonight, we will be having a full 24 hours of TRUTH OR DARE!" 




* For those who still want to put in a character, you still can!  I'll introduce you in other chapters.* 

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