YJ Truth or Dare

*ATTENTION ALL YOUNG JUSTICE FANS* This is a Truth or Dare game between Wally, Dick, M'gann, Conner, Artemis, Kaldur, Rocket, and Zatanna, PLUS Characters that YOU created. Ex: the Canary which I made up myself and will be using her. There are more details in the first chapter.


4. Newbies

Batman came (not by Zeta-Tubes) and said, "I need to introduce new members of the team. Team meet Burn, Artist, and Huntress." Batman was soon followed by three girls. The first one had red/Orange hair, and startling red eyes. The second one, had fiery, dark red hair, with flawless pale skin, with freckles sparkling around it. The last girl to enter, had short, blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. She had beautiful pale skin. 

"Oh, beret!" Wally screamed as he nicked it off of Artist who was the third one to enter. He soon found himself in paint. Becca, and Artemis were laughing their heads off, rolling around the floor. 

"NOT funny!" Wally protested. 

"You're right, it's HILARIOUS!" Becca retorted. 

"Whatever." Wally said, " Hey, Beckiboo? A little help washing up?" He gave Becca a sheepish grin. 

She sighed, "Fine. But, I think we're all going to be good friends! Wait, did I really just say that?" 

Artist and Huntress laughed. 

"You know, we might just be good friends after all." Becca smiled and followed Wally to the bathroom. Before long, Artemis held up her fingers. Three. Two. One. As if on cue, the rest of the team heard a loud SLAP! A second after they heard Wally moan,

"Ow!" Then, they heard Becca,

"If you EVER call me Beckiboo in front of them, or anyone that slap will NOT be the last of it!" She threatened. 

Artist and Huntress laughed again. 

"We're definitely going to be good friends." Hundreds told the team. They all nodded in agreement, except for Kaldur who merely had a look of concern on his face. 


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