YJ Truth or Dare

*ATTENTION ALL YOUNG JUSTICE FANS* This is a Truth or Dare game between Wally, Dick, M'gann, Conner, Artemis, Kaldur, Rocket, and Zatanna, PLUS Characters that YOU created. Ex: the Canary which I made up myself and will be using her. There are more details in the first chapter.



"We'll get to that later!" One of the girls replied. "I want to see some true daring!" 

Becca jumped up and pointed to the seat. "I just did my hair?!" Jason complained. "Well, it's my turn to host. Okay! Who's next....OH! Kaldur truth or dare?" 

"Uh," Kaldur said, "Truth." 

"Okay....Hold on...." Becca replied, "Okay, are you sure you and Bath are getting along?" 

"Yes, I am fine with Garth dating Tulia, since I have Artemis." Kaldur insisted.

"Okay! Well, their you have it! Now, Mr. Grayson, Truth or Dare....?"

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