YJ Truth or Dare

*ATTENTION ALL YOUNG JUSTICE FANS* This is a Truth or Dare game between Wally, Dick, M'gann, Conner, Artemis, Kaldur, Rocket, and Zatanna, PLUS Characters that YOU created. Ex: the Canary which I made up myself and will be using her. There are more details in the first chapter.


1. Details

Hello fellow YJ FANS! If you would like to put a character of your own and put a dare/truth thingy in, please comment! Please no cussing, extreme violence, and disgusting, things that would be rated 'R'. Thanks! 

If you would like to put a character in, please put in your character's

·Hero Name


· Personality

· Other team members he/she likes (friend zone or like) 

· Other team members he/she hates. 

·First name


Has to be in that order! 


The Canary 

Blonde hair gray eyes 

Loves to mess around, likes funny guys with red hair, green eyes and freckles (MEANING THAT WALLY IS MINE!!), and loves adventure. 

Likes Wally 

Hates Superboy since he smashed her into a wall. 


·Canary Cry


Becca Tigra


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