YJ Truth or Dare

*ATTENTION ALL YOUNG JUSTICE FANS* This is a Truth or Dare game between Wally, Dick, M'gann, Conner, Artemis, Kaldur, Rocket, and Zatanna, PLUS Characters that YOU created. Ex: the Canary which I made up myself and will be using her. There are more details in the first chapter.


5. Abandoned

Mrs. Tigra was walking to the exit. "Mom?" Becca asked, walking beside Wally, who went to sit down, "Where are you going?" Mrs. Tigra turned to her daughter. 

"Becca, I have to go to work, I'm working on an extremely important case, but, Jason is here!" Mrs. Tigra announced. 

"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, we will continue our Tigra Truth or Dare game, I'm your new host, Jason Tigra!"

A boy, no older than seven had appeared with a fake microphone in his hand. His hair was jet black and his eyes were deep blue. His hair was styled, Elvis style and Becca face palmed. 

"So, embarrassing " she kept muttering to herself. 

"Nonsense, were all here to have fun right, so, let's make thing interesting, Wallace, truth or dare?" Jason said, a serious look on his face. 

"Uh, dare." Wally replied. 

"Hmmmm. Does anyone have any suggestions?" Jason asked. Huntress got up and whispered something in his ear and he smiled in mischief. 

"I, well, Huntress dares you to....Admit your feelings toward my SISTER!" Jason announced.

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