Living a dream life!

Grace isn't a normal teenager. Her and her family live in Beverly Hills, California. Her parent are CFOs of some big companies. She's a model for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, but she still goes to normal school for her last year. Her friends, Emma and Leah, went to a MagCon event. Grace couldn't go due to her modeling schedule and she didn't know who they were but Emma got one of the boys numbers. They all soon became friends! When Grace and the boys meet, will she fall for one of them?


8. Chapter 7


Mom: So I see you and one of the Jack are really close and messing with each other. Do you like him?



M: Yeah I think I like Gilinsky!

Mom: Awwww. Thats so cute! He looks like a....


Mom: Look like he wants you out there.

M: But we will finish this conversation later. 


Before going outside I went to get the door. It was some of my parents friends. AND behind them it was my ex. NO. It can't be. He comes into my house. 

M: What are you doing here Clint?

C: My parents are here because remember our families are friends and I wanted to see you. I miss you. I'm a different person. I miss you like crazy!

M: Yeah but I don't miss you. I've moved on. I'm not the same dumb ass girl that dated you. I've grown up. You hurt me and I came out of that situation coming out as a strong better person. I'm happy where I'm at now and I don't ever want to be with you again. After not being with you I've opened my eyes to much better guys that like me for who I am not for someone I'm not. I'm done talking to you. BYE. If you want to leave you already know the way out!

I know I sounded like a bitch but I don't want to deal with him right now. I headed back to the pool where the guys were at.

I saw Jack was sitting down with his feet in the pool talking to Matt. I came and sat next to him. 

M: Sorry. It took me awhile to get here. I went to go answer the door to see my ex Clint. 

JG: Its okay I was talking to Matt. 

ME: I'm gonna go swim now. I'll leave you two alone. 

M: Ok.

M: Are you having fun?

JG: I'm having a blast. Its been so much fun!

M: Thats a good thing.

Out of the blue. You hear Nash and Cam singing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song about Jack and I. We were laughing at them. NOW. They are all yelling at us to kiss. Jack and I look at each other. I look at his lips and so does he. We lean for a kiss. I close my eyes. Next thing I know we kiss.  It was a long slow kiss. I loved it! We pull out of the kiss with the biggest smile on our lips. 

I get up and grab his hand. I pull him to the slide.

JG: Let me go first and then you can get on my lap and we can go together. 

M: I like that idea. 

He went up and then I got on his lap.

M: Jack this isn't gonna work. 

JG: Well too late now. 

We came down the slide together. Once we got out. I pecked his lips. I go and sit on one of the chairs where Emma was laying down. Jack went to hang with the guys. My sister, Ava, came running outside with her friend Emily. 

M: What happened?

A: I don't know. But why are the guys here?

M: Cause we are friends. But you know something?

A: What?

M: Hayes Grier as in Nash's little brother is here. 


M: Yeah he's over there talking to Carter. 

She looks over and he's looking over at us already. 

M: You should invite him over to your party.

A: I don't know when I'll have my party. 

M: In exactly a month. That's what mom and dad said. My birthday party is next  week. I might just have a pool party. I don't know. 

A: You better invite the guys again. 

M: I will don't worry!

Ava and Emily went on inside to change into their bikini. They were at Emily's house but they came over because her parents are friends with our. At this time there was alot of people at the house already. Teenage girls kept looking at the guys. I'm guessing they were feeling uncomfortable because they came and all sat behind us on the grass. 

M: Do you guys not like attention?

N: Honestly not right now! I want our privacy. 

M: Lets go into the guest house. But first I have to get the keys from inside. I'll be right back. 

I went inside to get the keys. All the moms were in the kitchen, all the dads were outside my the bar, and all the kids were around the pool. 

M: Mom where are the keys to the guest house.

Mom: In my purse. Why do you need them?

M: The guys want some privacy because there's too many girls here right now. 

Mom: Oh okay that's fine! I'll call you when dinners ready. 

M: Alright!

I went back to the guys and opened the guest house. They all went in and EVERYONE was looking at us go into the house. 

Cam: We should do something fun.

N: Like?

JJ: Truth or Dare?

M: Lets do it. I'm up for the challenge!

Cam: Okay! I'll start. Grace. Truth or Dare?

M: Oh god why me. ummm dare.

Cam: I dare you to make out with Gilinsky. 

M: I. Hate. You.

I was sitting next to him already so I just turned around and we started kissing. 

Cam: Okay you guys can stop now. 


We played the game until my mom came and told us dinner was ready. 


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm sorry the write changes from bold to normal and then bold. It doesn't mean anything. 


I hope you guys like the story so far. 

PLEASE. Comment and tell me what you want to read. I want this story to be interesting but I need to know from you the reader what you want to hear.



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