Living a dream life!

Grace isn't a normal teenager. Her and her family live in Beverly Hills, California. Her parent are CFOs of some big companies. She's a model for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, but she still goes to normal school for her last year. Her friends, Emma and Leah, went to a MagCon event. Grace couldn't go due to her modeling schedule and she didn't know who they were but Emma got one of the boys numbers. They all soon became friends! When Grace and the boys meet, will she fall for one of them?


7. Chapter 6

*two weeks later*

Justin and I have been spending some time with each other. Paparazzi and fans think we are dating. We are all over the news and TV. It is annoying? Yeah but I don't care cause I have my eyes are on someone else.

Right now, I took a shower and wore this:

Emma and I are going to downtown LA. We are meeting up Nash, Cameron, Jack, and Jack. Emma was waiting for me downstairs. I was walking out outside to see my mom and dad. My dad was holding  car keys. 

D: Hey hunny. We know your birthday is next week but we wanted to give your very own car. 

Mom: Here's your keys. 

She hands me the keys. It was the keys of a Mercedes Benz. 

I was so excited to get and drive my new car. I said thank you to both of them and left. 

E: What are you doing for your birthday?

M: I'm not sure yet. 

E: We should go do something you're turning the big 18.

M: Yeah I know don't remind me. But anyways how are you and Nash?

E: We are ONLY friends. 

M: Don't lie to me. I was DMing his then he sent me his number. I ask him about you two and he said he likes you Emma. And I know you like. Don't lie to me. But who's all in LA?

E: All the guys. 

M: Oooooh.....Okay!

E: Why? Do you like someone?

M: No I just wanted to know. Justin knows I'll be in LA and he wants to hangout but I told him I was hanging out with friends. 

E: Aw...Who do you want to see?

Through the whole ride to LA she kept asking me but I didn't want to tell her. Yes. I do like one of the guys but I'm not gonna say anything. 

A couple of hours later we got to LA. We were meeting them at a restaurant for lunch. I parked and went inside. 

Emma and I were looking around to see where they were. 

E: LOOK. They are over there. 

We walked to their table. 

E: Hey, guy! This is my friend Grace. Grace these are the guys you already everyones names. 

M: Hi. Where will I be sitting? 

Cam: You can sit here. 

He pointed to a seat inbetween him and Gilinsky. Emma was sitting inbetween Nash and Matt. 

We ordered our food and ate. The whole time I was talking to Jack and Cam. They are really nice and sweet.

Cam: I can see everyone's done. Are we ready to pay?

M: I can pay. Well my dad I have his card. 

Cam: No it's fine.

M: My dad's the CFO of Apple and my mom's the CFO of instagram/facebook we have money let me pay. 

JG: No Grace we got it. I'll pay for you!

M: Thanks. 

I looked into his beautiful eyes. He's so cute. His smile is to die for! Wow! Just WOW!

N: Where should we go now?

M: We can go to the mall?

Emma and I looked at each other.

CR: Emma where's Leah?

E: She's grounded.

CR: For doing what?

E: I can't tell you!

Cam: Did she send to nudes or something?

E: ...

M: ...

CR: So she did. 

M: We should get going? But what mall?

E: Lets go to Beverly Hills and then the guys can come for a swim and your house and maybe we can have dinner there?

M: Yeah that's fine with me. Tell the limo driver where to go and then I'll send Nash my address because that's the only number I have of you guys. 

Cam: But we need our trunks. 

CR: Bro we are going to the mall we can buy some. 

Cam: Alright lets go!

M: If you two or three guys want to come and ride with with us you can. I'll just have to put gas in before we go.

Cam: ME


N: Me

They ran in and buckled up. 

JG: It smells new. 

M: It is I just got before I came here. It was a present cause my birthday is next week. 

Cam: Are you having a party?

M: I'm not sure I haven't planned anything. 

The whole ride we were all talking and I was starting to get to know all of them but I had my eye for one of them and ONLY ONE. 


The mall was fun. Fans would come up to all of us to take pictures. I just got home and my parents were at a meeting but they didn't care if the guys were coming. My brothers were home they both had two of his friends here. Both my sister were with there friends. 

I went into my room and changing into my new bikini:

I wore a cover cause I felt I was showing a little too much. I was going to get some drinks and some snacks. 

Caleb: Hey sis. Who are your friends?

M: They are viners! They are really cool. 

Caleb: Does mom and dad know about them cause theres only guys here.

M: Yeah I called them they are buys some food and having a cookout they invited some people. 

Caleb: Oh ok. I'm gonna go change. And Drew and Brock are in the living room we are gonna go out to LA. We'll be back tonight maybe. Tell mom and dad. 

M: Alright. Have fun and be safe!

I got a cooler filled it with water, soda, and gatorade. I made a fruit platter. I took everything outside and put it under the umbrella. All the guys came attacking everything. Damn. And they just ate lunch too. 

M: I see you guys are hungry. 

ME: Just a little. 

M: We are having a cookout. My parents invited some of their friends and they have kids my age or young so they'll be here at around 6ish. 

Cam: GIRLS. 

M: Really Cam? The oldest one is probably like 18. Maybe. 

Nash: I already got my girl. 

He have Emma a big hug. 

M: Aww so are you guys dating now?

E: NO.

N: Not yet at least. 

M: I'm single. I broke up with my ex.

E: And he wants you back!

M: Not gonna happen he's a douche. He texted me during lunch. I didn't open it I just deleted it. 

E: Good girl. 

I grabbed a towel from the table and put it on one of the chairs. I'm gonna tan then swim. I took of my cover up. I felt eyes on me. I took over my shoulder to see Jack G. Damn. He's too fine. He was laying on the chair next to me. We talked until Johnson called him over. Emma came up to me. 

E: I see you like Gilinsky don't you?!

M: I mean he's hot! Like damn. Is he single or taken?

E: I think he has a girlfriend. I'm not sure. 

M: Damn it!


Everyone was in the pool. Jumping off the diving board or coming on the slide. We were all having fun. My parents have been home for about an hour now. They were setting up for the little get together. My dad was on the grill and my mom was in the kitchen. They met the guys and told them they can come whenever they wanted to. 


That would be my mom in the kitchen yelling for me. 

M: Yeah mom.

Mom: So I see you and one of the Jack are really close and messing with each other. Do you like him?


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