Living a dream life!

Grace isn't a normal teenager. Her and her family live in Beverly Hills, California. Her parent are CFOs of some big companies. She's a model for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, but she still goes to normal school for her last year. Her friends, Emma and Leah, went to a MagCon event. Grace couldn't go due to her modeling schedule and she didn't know who they were but Emma got one of the boys numbers. They all soon became friends! When Grace and the boys meet, will she fall for one of them?


11. Chapter 10

"AHHHHHH! Jack put me down you ass!" I was picked up by Jack once I opened the door. 

"Oh Shawn I see you got some muscle going on." I said, Shawn was shirtless laying on top of Nash and Matt.

"Oh shut up Grace!"

"Aww is someone mad?" I made crying sounds everyone laughed. 

Jack was laying his head on stomach while on his phone. He took a picture and posted it on Snapchat. In the picture you could tell he was laying on me. Here comes drama from fans. Oh well! 

"Are you comfortable?" I asked Jack

"Now that you ask, yes. Yes I am!"

He turned around got closer to me. We were now cuddling. I felt my phone go off. It was Chloe. She had texted me, "I'll wait for you in the lobby!" 

"So who's coming with me to the mall? Chloe's waiting for me in the lobby." I asked

"Me!" Jack said. I was getting up but before I totally got up I turned and kissed Jack.

"You have very kissable lips!" I said Jack smiled.

"Let's go cause I have to pick up Leah and Emma at Emma's house. Who's coming? or is Jack gonna be the only guy?"

"I'll go!" Nash, Cam, and Johnson said

"Well then lets go! For the rest of you meet up at Olive Garden at 5 for dinner. If you are wondering yes I'm gonna wear these clothes to the restaurant. 

We all headed downstair to the lobby. Chloe was sitting down waiting for us. 

" About time." 

"I'm sorry but these guys took FOREVER!" 

"Lets go and pick up Leah and Emma. You know what I'm gonna call Emma to meet us at the Citadel Outlets."

I called Emma and she said ok. We were on our way to shop until we drop.


After, we got done with dinner we all went over to my house. I parked my car in the garage. Jack was the only one that drove with me the other were still on there way because they go into traffic while I went through the back road to get home. 

"HEY! MOM I'M HOME!" I yelled once I got inside. 

"Okay. What are you doing tonight?" she asked

"Everyone's coming over for a late night swim! What are you doing?" I asked

"Okay that's fine! But tomorrow we have an important dinner to go to and the whole family needs to be here?"

"Where is it at?" I wondered

"It's in Bel Air, so we have to be looking good! If you need money to go to the mall I will give some. Buy some red bottoms with a nice dress!" mom said

"Okay! But I have to go now cause I got a message to open the gate." 

"Okay have fun! You have the house to yourself for now we are going over to Aunt Becky.!" she said

I went over to the tablet that opens the gate. Jack and I walked over to the door. The limo was parking. Johnson was the first to get out then everyone else ran inside.

"We have the house to ourselves my parents are about to leave! But make yourselves at home I'm gonna go change" 

I gave Jack kiss and went upstairs. 

I changed into this: 

I had bought it but I've never worn it. I went back downstair. It was empty but then I heard screaming coming from outside. I walked outside. 

"JUMP IN" Matt yelled

I went over to feel the water and it was cold. 


"Come on babe! I'll warm you up!!" Gilinsky said

"Hold on." 

I went over to the get the ipad, that controls everything, from inside. I turned on the pool heater. I went back outside.

"What did you do?" Carter asked

"I turned on the water heated!" 

"Damn a water heater?" Johnson asked

"Johnson remember my dad CFO of apple and my mom is the CFO of facebook and instagram. So they be making back! They are buying me an apartment for my 18th birthday! So I've been looking!" 

"Oh an apartment?!" Gilinsky asked with a smirk on his face

I went over and slapped him on the head.

"Ouch that hurt!"


For the rest of the night we all swim took snapchat videos and pictures. The all ended up leaving at 12ish. 

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