Resurrection (Unexpected sequel)

The past 15 years has been hectic, and the dead are starting to rise from the dead and come back to their loved one's so what happens when Noah comes back from the dead and tries to get her loved one's back...


6. Truth

“What do you mean?” Liam asked her confused.

“That my dear friend will have to be discovered on your own.” She said a smirk on her face as her wings disappeared making Liam and I blink twice in confusion. “I can’t have them out around the others they don’t know except maybe Eleanor and Perrie.”

“They know how?” I said now completely confused.

“Eleanor is a Shadowhunter she fights demons and Perrie well…” She said drifting off.

“Well what?” Liam asked getting annoyed now.

“I’m with her.” A voice said joining Noah, her wings were a different Color a creamy Color and her Blonde hair was let out. “I’m an angel as well.”

“And so is Luke and Matthew his just young for a little while.” She explained as another figure joined us making me smile to see the older/ proper version his wings a Black colour.

“Not anymore.” The guy said it was only then I could see him he had Black hair and blue eyes the looks that every girl would dream of like someone from a dream only more perfect.

“Matt?” Liam stuttered. “You’re supposed to be my son and 2 years old.”

He laughed bringing making his wings disappear as he studied the 2 year old body in the coffin. “It’s amazing what Gabrielle’s angel powers can do they didn’t call her the Goddess for nothing.”

“The Goddess?” Okay now I was confused.

“Yeah this is God’s 2nd hand angel.” Perrie stated like it was a fact.

“ And I’m God’s one and only daughter that was made from flesh and powers pretty much he gave me wings and I was ready to go and then I met someone  billions of years ago that changed my future and angered the Throne to the point where we were thrown out of Heaven.” She said a glint in her eyes.

“Who?” Liam asked as he studied the 3 angels standing in front of us 3 that we were supposed to know well enough.


“Me?” Liam asked basically completely confused.

She laughed but stopped when she noticed something we didn’t pausing she put her hand out.

“Guys get behind me.” She warned making us look at her the other 2 Perrie and Matthew stiffened beside her. “Now.” She screeched before we could say anything she had a crystal blade in her hand and had Matthew and Perrie covering us all 3 of them in a protective stance in front of us.

“Noah I mean Gabrielle what is it?” I asked her worried then I saw it 2 figures 2 men walking forward both wearing leather I noticed tattoos on them ones that weren’t normal I grabbed Gabrielle’s arm accidentally pulling back her sleeve I saw the same tattoos she laughed roughly pulling back her arm she looked at the guys.

“Perrie, Matthew stay with them this is my fight if anything happens Matthew and Perrie you take them back to the boys and Eleanor keep them guarded and don’t let them leave your sight.” She said stepping through us and walking towards them we turned to Matthew and Perrie hoping for answers.

“Perrie?” I asked her hoping for her to say anything or something. “What the hell is going on!”

“No time.” She said glancing at Noah who was talking to those guys. “We have to go they’re after Liam.”

“Me? Why me?” By the sounds in Liam’s voice he wasn’t the only one left in the dark he was as hurt by this as us.

Suddenly we were racing towards the car Perrie dragging me Matt dragging Liam.

“Years ago I mean before Adam and Eve betrayed God Gabrielle met Liam and they fell in love God and Satan didn’t like it now Gabrielle has paid many prices over the years to be with Liam including watching you die every time you used to kiss but things have changed you didn’t get baptised now everyone wants to kill Liam.” Perrie said forcing us in the car and climbing in the driver’s side.

I blocked everything out as I focused on Noah, her wings were out now and she was crouched in a defensive position and all I could think about was her.

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