Resurrection (Unexpected sequel)

The past 15 years has been hectic, and the dead are starting to rise from the dead and come back to their loved one's so what happens when Noah comes back from the dead and tries to get her loved one's back...


1. Resurrection

“What do you remember?” Eleanor asked me, studying me as she tried to find a heartbeat, struggling the first time she had a look at it and hit it a couple times putting it back on my chest where I could hear my heartbeat.

 “Harry and I were married, and I played the video I made and went outside and Nathan came out and confronted me about my old job and how Kylie hired me to kill Harry but I- I couldn’t do it.” I said as the tears began to fell. “I fell in love with him from the moment I met him, and they put the gun beside me and Sophia came out and she was d-drunk and she thought I was going to reach for the gun and she grabbed it and shot me and I went over the boat and as I was floating in that water I managed to climb out of my dress but as I floated there I saw my life flash before my eyes when I was born, my parents, when they died, when I came to England, when I first met Harry, than the boys, and I held Matt in my arms for the first time, than he died and then and then and then I well I ended up in Hospital and I held Darcy in my arms for the first time and Harry proposed to me and then everything went so numb.” I said and this time I had trouble thinking about it because I began balling my eyes out.

 “Noah I’m sorry.” Eleanor said pulling me into a hug.

 “I can’t imagine what it was like for you.” I pulled away from the hug when the door opened and in walked Liam holding a little boy, one I knew too well, one who looked like me and Liam. One who had died right in front of me.

“Matt.” I said standing up shocked, Liam’s jaw dropped when he saw me he had aged by 15 years as well just like Harry.

“Noah.” Liam said shocked I looked up at him and he stepped forward handing Matt to Eleanor he stopped in front of me, his hand went to my face trying to see if I was real or not and I felt a tear escape my eye AGAIN! Seriously what was with all these tear drops? I guess when you’re dead for 15 years it had to come somewhere.

“Is this real?” He asked directing it to Eleanor hoping he hadn’t gone crazy.

“Yes and why am I holding Matt didn’t he die?” Eleanor asked studying the boy who was in her arms. “What’s going on here?” Liam asked me, I looked back at him and took his hand in mine.

 “I don’t know I woke up in China came back here only to find out I’ve been dead for 15 years and I’m still 20, Matt is still 2 and all of you have aged.” I said slightly confused by it all. “I don’t remember anything after the shot just complete numbness and then I woke up in China.”

 “How is this possible?” He whispered just as shocked as Harry had been when he saw me. “Can we walk?” He offered me I looked at Eleanor who smiled and nodded.

“Yes but I need her back we need to run more tests.” She said staring at Matt I nodded and followed Liam it was quiet for a while before we ended up at the cemetery only to find a small place opened and screaming inside.

“What the hell?” Liam asked, as we went to investigate we saw Harry in there looking at an empty coffin and Niall not knowing what to say.

 “Harry what is this?” Liam asked as we walked in. “I don’t know!” Harry shouted immediately running forward as he went to go hit me Liam stopping him but Harry still looked at me his eyes evil.

“You ask her what have you done to my wife’s body! What have you done!”

 “Harry she isn’t your wife!” Niall shouted finally his eyes staring into mine. “You have a girlfriend you’ve moved on Noah has come back from the dead but as much as I don’t want to believe everything and just call you crazy I can’t because you my dear friends are seeing Noah, I mean look at Liam he was just holding her hand! She has come back from the dead the way we left her Blonde hair! Same face! 20 years old! And absolutely flawless!” I was taken aback by his outburst I mean don’t get me wrong Niall and I were extremely close brother and sister close back in the day and I couldn’t imagine how my ‘Death’ affected everyone around me but in all the time I knew him he had never once yelled, always been full of jokes and life and now here I was a dead person that had obviously buried in here and my Body well I was in it one that had been sitting in that coffin was now standing near it.

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