Resurrection (Unexpected sequel)

The past 15 years has been hectic, and the dead are starting to rise from the dead and come back to their loved one's so what happens when Noah comes back from the dead and tries to get her loved one's back...


7. Princess

Noah’s POV

“Perrie, Matthew stay with them this is my fight if anything happens Matthew and Perrie you take them back to the boys and Eleanor keep them guarded and don’t let them leave your sight.” I said pushing through them and walking towards them and stopping when I reached them.

“You’ve got a weapon.” He said, his New Zealand accent was strong and I laughed shaking my hand as the weapon vanished into thin air.

“Hold it there Zoot what are you doing there I thought I got rid of your powers.” I snarled as he stepped forward.

“I want to help protect Liam.” Zoot said his blank eyes staring at me I knew he couldn’t see he relied on his senses he could feel when there was something about or someone almost like a normal person it’s just when I got rid of his powers 3 billion years ago his eyes were nothing but white with a small black dot in the middle.

“You want to help me? Really last I checked you were out to kill him.” I said getting in a defensive position making my wings pop out of my back as the other guy stepped forward.

“We want to help don’t make me go kill Liam.” The other guy threatened.

“Unless you want me to slit your throat like I should have all those years ago I suggest you keep your friend in line.” I spat looking at Zoot in a way saying I would do it and he knew it the only way I kept him here was because Perrie and him were in love back in the day and Perrie has always been by my side so I wouldn’t have done it but now I was willing too. “I mean it Hunter.” I said growling at the other dark angel who had threatened me.

“Hunter back down.” Zoot said making Hunter step back.

“If you want to help me protect Liam then what’s in it for me?” I asked standing up straight.

“We were your sworn sword during the Game of Thrones when Liam was a Stark we’ll do it again.” Zoot replied stepping forward and putting his hand out. “Can we put aside our differences and work together once more?”

I thought for a second then nodded shaking his hand. “Deal and when you prove yourself and the war is over I’ll give you back your eye sight and your powers until then the only thing you’ll get is your wings.”

He nodded. “Yes Master.”

I focused on his hands and a small light arrived and his and Hunter’s wings came back this time black I smiled as he bowed to me. “My Princess we are forever by your side and swear to be Liam and your sworn shield.”

I let my wings surround my body ready for what was ready to come without thinking I pulled out a wing letting out a whimper I rubbed the tender bleeding spot and gave it to Zoot.

“Go to the apartment show Lucas this tell them Gabrielle sent you and youse are on our side my feather should help.” I said.

“Yes Princess.” They said before vanishing.

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