Resurrection (Unexpected sequel)

The past 15 years has been hectic, and the dead are starting to rise from the dead and come back to their loved one's so what happens when Noah comes back from the dead and tries to get her loved one's back...


3. Hospital

“Smile.” The photographer said as she took a photo of Harry pushing me in the outside swing in my wedding dress my blonde hair moving with the wind I smiled up at Harry as I couldn’t contain it.

The photographer was strong to capture the moment and I laughed as they finished standing up I brushed off my dress and turned to Harry who smiled.

“Hello Mrs Styles.” He said gently bowing making me smile even more as he took my hand and we began dancing to the music in the background. “May I say how beautiful you look and how much glow you have today.”

“Well thankyou Mr Styles and maybe because I’m married to the most amazing man in the world.” I said as he leaned me down still in his arms he kissed my neck and I laughed as he put me back up and brought his lips to mine.

I woke up tears running down my eyes at the Flashback I saw Liam asleep by the bed his hand in mine, using my free hand I wiped the tear and twitched my hand waking Liam up panicky he sighed and relaxed when he saw me.

“What was Harry talking about Liam?” I asked Liam straight away.

“What about?” Liam asked me in return confused by my question.

“Me impersonating his wife does he think I’m fake?” I replied feeling my chest hurt with every word.

“When Harry opened your coffin what he saw was your body your still in there where we buried you he stuck you in a Mausoleum so we could visit you, at first he had a hallucination that your body wasn’t there and when he saw your body there in that coffin he questioned it I’m having trouble processing this still but I believe it I believe in miracles just like the day when I first met you do you remember that?” He asked me like it was a trick question I smiled remembering the day perfectly.

“Yeah, I was at the X Factor because I had a part time job there as well as the bakery and I was in charge of keeping you guys in line it was the first time I was meeting you guys and I already knew Harry and as soon as I walked in you couldn’t stop staring at me and you made me laugh you asked me out on a date and we became inseparable and began dating it wasn’t until we were dating for a year that we finally did it and it bonded us together even more then before and I told you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and you replied.”

“I want to father your children, I want to make you happy and I want to be your husband.” Both of us said in Unison making both of us lock eyes.

“Then you gave me this promise ring.” I said showing him the ring I still kept on my finger. “A promise that one day we were to be married and have a few kids not completely in that order because I left and I was already pregnant when we met up again you found out we had a son together but I was dating Luke and soon he told me to go after you it was raining but I didn’t care I wanted you more than anything in the world and when we got back Matt was dying he was bleeding and there was so much blood we took him straight to the hospital and he died there.”

“Is it true!” A voice asked practically running into the hospital room there were now 2 figures standing there and one made me basically forget to breathe as we locked eyes for a few brief seconds.

“Luke.” Was all I managed to say.

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