Resurrection (Unexpected sequel)

The past 15 years has been hectic, and the dead are starting to rise from the dead and come back to their loved one's so what happens when Noah comes back from the dead and tries to get her loved one's back...


5. Angel

Harry’s POV

I dug through the stupid grave angrily, confused and most of all sad I had no idea what was going on with me sure I’d slept with Sophia the night before my wedding but Sophia meant nothing to me she was just someone that could satisfy me someone who hasn’t carried Liam’s child and my child someone who had never had a child.

But the day I saw Noah, walking down the aisle looking as beautiful as ever sure she looked beautiful many times before but on that particular day she was as beautiful as ever flawless and perfect like god’s perfection one of his angels.

Liam had said as we married there was some sort of light that shone down on us like a blessing from God himself.

And then he took her from me, back to heaven when I could have used her down here loved her like I had never loved anyone ever before loved her like my best friend I would have been her best friend and made love like she’d never had it before that would have had her tired but begging for more.

And then Liam despite the coldness dove in and went after her bringing back her body an hour later despite the fact Sophia had wanted to admit it he spent an hour half naked in the freezing cold water looking for her it wasn’t until he found her covered in blood and in her undercoat which was a small layer of white dress underneath designed for the dress clearly showing she had gotten out of her wedding dress.

Had she planned it all along? I mean had she shot herself and thrown herself overboard? Or had she thought me as a fool and hidden all these years?

But it was impossible she would have aged like me she wouldn’t be the same as she would as she left.

I stuck the shovel in again and dug tapping something I brushed the dirt off and helped Liam pull up the coffin, his son’s coffin one we swore we would never have to touch but this girl whoever she was had caused this.

“You ready?” I asked Liam ready to prove all this was a set up that she was someone who looked like her and knew things about us and her and that Matt was someone who just a Matt look alike.

He nodded. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Lifting the lid off we were taken aback a bit to see the remains still there surprised well I wasn’t but Liam was.

He swore under his breath and angrily stood up kicking at the snow on the ground. “What is this some sort of joke?”

“It’s real.” A voice said making us look up we saw Noah standing there wearing a black cape that dropped a hoodie on covering some of her face and a light shined and she looked absolutely beautiful she smiled a little bit taking a deep breath as her breath come out as a cold one, one we could see sticking her hands in the pockets of her cloak she brushed her hair out of her face and walked towards us.

“Who are you really?” Liam asked a tear forming down his face.

“My real name is  Gabrielle like it was before it was Noah and I have walked the earth since it was created I was walking all parts of the earth looking after people waiting for the right moment to appear again.”

“What are you some sort of Alien?” I replied speaking up.

Suddenly a pair of wings released from her back and she seemed to sigh in relaxation the wings were so white and full of feathers finally she smiled at us. “I’m an angel.” She turned her attention to Liam smiling. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you for.”

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