School with losers

Would she go with bad boy harry read on to find out


6. school pt.2

I sat on the bathroom floor in a stall and cried my eyes out. I heard our bell ring for class I just stayed there so I decided to call my mom. I took out my phone called my mom and we talked and I told her what happen and she said just don't worry about them I listened to my mom I got off the floor and wash my face then walked to my class when I knock at the door a saw everyone staring at the door the teacher made his way to the door and opened it I walked in and took an empty seat and the teacher told me to come to the front of the class and tell why I was late as I looked around I saw curly and his group he smirked at me I told the teacher I couldn't find my way to class he said alright don't let it happen again I just thanked my self for that lie

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