School with losers

Would she go with bad boy harry read on to find out


2. My new life

I was in this deep sleep not thinking about going to school. But then I heard this horrible noise some people know what I mean the Alarm clock. Why do I set it if I know in not getting up. Well the lazy self I am I roll out of bed into the floor and drag the the shower I stepped in the shower and relax thinking about my new day in this school I got out of the shower and put on shorts an half shirt and some Adidas. I grabbed the stuff I needed for school and walk out and since l lived 5 mins away from the school I walked when I got to school everyone was staring at me but this group of 5 boys was staring at me hard. So I turned my head and walked around but the boy with curly hair came up to me and smack my butt saying hi sexy I slapped him and everyone gasp and I walked away he he said you should have never done that and u said you should have never did that

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