Beginning to end

Lonely, happy and scared, these were the feelings I had when I decided to end it all. My name is a riddle my life a mystery and if you are reading this I am dead....


1. The End

The end was my beginning, my nightmare and my dream. The day I died, some say I was murdered or taken away, but only I know the way I chose to take my life. All that I needed to do was shoot a gun or jump but they were all too easy so I decided to make it interesting, and all it took was one note.

Before I went away forever and always, I left a note to who ever found it first explaining the secrets I was told to keep, the lies that the told me to keep secret and the meaning behind life's rules.

Many read it few have told, the secrets that lie within and you cannot see me but I'm watching you read it now, just don't look up. Keeping it hidden is hard but keeping it secret is even harder as the words burn through you like fire because deep down you know this is all real, and now you believe you are one of us.

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