The Dept Life Pays

Layla is not an Emo. She isn't a Goth. She's just that different Bad Girl. More different than she thinks though. After a terrible accident, Layla is hospitalised and in a deep coma. Her aunt is worried, but what she doesn't know is that Layla has been chosen. She is the one to find The Sacred Lotus. While in her coma, Layla has been taken to the dreamworld and must complete the task and find The Lotus to return home to her aunt. I post a new chapter every week. Enjoy and don't forget to never eat blue kiwis!


2. What's With Teachers And Saggy Eyebrows?!

Chapter 2- what's with teachers and saggy eyebrows?!

I sling my bag across my back and stalk out of the classroom. I've never played truant before, and I'm sure I will regret it. But right now, all I can focus on is the sound of the too-small trainers on the hard tile floor and the steady thumping in my ears. I throw open the front doors and march to my car. Before getting in, I yank off the shoes and throw them in the general direction of the school. Starting up the engine, I speed away as fast as I can without scaring myself to death. 

At a traffic light, I take the time to unwind a little. I unclench my hands and run them over the smooth material of the steering wheel of my second hand Mini. I close my eyes and see his face. 



Im late again. That was the bell for 1st period. 

"Miss Martin!" Spinning around, I see the red-faced Mr. Ferrell tapping his foot impatiently and pointing at the ground beside him. 

"Come here right now."

I sigh and inwardly roll my eyes. What this time?

"This is the 7th time I've had to stop you to talk to you about your attire this term, and it has only been a couple of weeks, has it not?"

"Yes." I state bluntly. 

"Yes what?"

"Yes sir" He has this thing about not getting the respect he deserves, being the oldest serving teacher at this miserable school. 

"Now, what am I going to ask you to do?"

I quickly remove my nose ring, cartilage to lobe chain, my other 14 ear piercings, my cheek dermals, my spiky bracelets and rings and my eyebrow piercing. 

He raises a saggy eyebrow and I wince at the deep skin dunes created on the right side of his forehead as a result of the action. 

I give him my exasperated look. "What?"


"What SIR!"

"We need to go get you some nice presentable shoes for young ladies. You know you're not allowed those...things!"

He just dissed my favourite boots! I clench my teeth and reply to the biased, old-fashioned, cranky old teacher in front of me. 

"Of course sir." I give him my sweetest smile but of course...

"Take out that disgusting silver thing in your tongue, and I want that horrific purple out of your hair by tomorrow! How can your mother let you go out like thi-" he stops himself, knowing he's gone too far. 

"Follow me, Miss.Martin."


"Miss.Martin you are late! Again." 

I look at my feet while scurrying to my seat at the back of the room. 

"Well if it isn't the little wannabe!"

I look up to the tall blonde in front of me. Of course, only Max Carlson would be able to lower someone's self esteem at 9am. 

"Well I don't know if you've realised Max, but I am not a mirror, so go talk to yourself somewhere else."

I am taken aback by my quick reply. I am usually the quiet one who doesn't see the point in retaliation, and a few people around us do some silent 'ouch'es and 'burn''s. But wether he is surprised or not, I don't know, as he carries on,

"Well look who's finally talking! And all this time I thought you were just some creepy goth mute!"

I feel my black-painted nails dig into the soft flesh of my palm. 

"For your information, Max, I just know when it's wise to shut my mouth, unlike you, Mr.Ignorant."

"Oooh, watch it Martin, we wouldn't want you blowing up your highly underdeveloped brain by using words like 'ignorant', now do we?"

"Well at least I have a brain which hasn't been taken over by your giant ego!"

At this point, more people begin to 'oooh' and 'ahhhh' at each comeback, not knowing which insult to crown. 

"Yes, ego. Something you obviously don't possess even a little of. I mean, just look at you!" By now, more than half the class is being distracted from Miss.Cuthburt's lesson by our argument. 

I am just about to fire back something witty but he throws the comment that wins the battle,

"Then again, how could you live with yourself, knowing that the lives of your both parents lie in your hands? Or are you going to deny it and cry yourself out of it? It may work on everyone else, but you know just as well as I do that it was your fault. Only yours."

I feel a sudden relieving pain in my palms as my nails pierce the flesh. Tears prick my eyes, but I refuse to let him win the war. Raising my fist, I slam it into his nose as hard as I can. I hear a loud crack, but don't wait around to see the damage. I'm out of the door before he can blink. 

-end of flashback-

Loud beeps from behind me wake me from my trance. I shake my head and press on the accelerator. Buildings flash by and I feel serene. Just me, the road and the steering wheel. I love to drive because it gives me that kick, or helps me ponder. When I'm tearing myself up inside for what I did that fateful night, I take a drive. 

I close my eyes for a second too long and the next thing I know, a huge hunk of metal is hurtling toward me. I swerve to avoid it, but end up colliding with a building at the side of the road. My airbag goes up with a bang and my chest and face is immediately sore with the impact. I barely have time to think, or move when the other car comes crashing down on mine. I'm out cold quicker than I can say: "Help!"


I will be back soon with the next chapter. Stay posted. I will update every week unless i warn you otherwise. 

Keep fit o sexy ones. Xx

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