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Layla is not an Emo. She isn't a Goth. She's just that different Bad Girl. More different than she thinks though. After a terrible accident, Layla is hospitalised and in a deep coma. Her aunt is worried, but what she doesn't know is that Layla has been chosen. She is the one to find The Sacred Lotus. While in her coma, Layla has been taken to the dreamworld and must complete the task and find The Lotus to return home to her aunt. I post a new chapter every week. Enjoy and don't forget to never eat blue kiwis!


3. This is The Part Where The Ogre Jumps Out and Gobbles Me Whole. This Might Be Hell After all

Chapter 3- This is the part where the ogre jumps out and gobbles me whole. This may be hell after all.

I hear birds tweeting. It's really annoying. Am I in hell? I've heard of personal hells. Where they put you with things that you hate. But this is just something else. It's like a fricking symphony! 

Hang on a minute. I can't feel my legs. Ok. I get I deserve the birds, but I don't hate being legless. Why take my legs away? oh wait. It's ok. I can feel my big toe wiggle. 

Mmmm. I smell something amazing. Like pinecones and rain. Yeah, I have a weird sense of smell. Strange, they don't usually put nice things in hell. 

I open my eyes and I'm instantly blinded by a very bright light. Ok, this might not be hell after all. But wow, heaven is bright. 

My vision adjusts to the brightness and I take in my surroundings. 

I'm in the middle of a forest. Not heaven. Not heaven. 

What the fudge?!

I stand up quickly, not wanting to get buggified. 

My body feels weighed down and I see why when I glance down. I am wearing a floor length forest green dress with three-quarter length lace sleeves, a criss-crossed front and a plunging neckline. 

I am more than majorly freaked out. I lift the hem of my heavy dress and see that I'm wearing some knee-high, black, embroidered riding boots. I kinda like them. 

I'm starting to think this really might not be hell. 

That is until the bushes behind me start to rustle. Uh oh. This is the part where the ogre jumps out and gobbles me whole. This may be hell after all. 

I turn quickly, not knowing wether to run for it or fight to the finish with the fugly thing. 

I thing the former. As much as I don't like to hurt my ego, I do turn and run. Well, try to run. My dress is caught on a small branch hanging low on the ground by where I was previously lying, unconscious. 

My heart speeds up, knowing this is the end. The rustling comes again, louder. I clench my teeth, waiting for the ogre to jump out at me. But obviously I'm just overreacting as a small, orange ball of fuzz tumbles out of the dense cluster of bushes that less than a minute ago, were going to be the end my short-lived life. 

I reached down and yanked my dress free from the branch, calling myself stupid for not thinking of this before. I approach the small, quivering creature. 

If I were anywhere but where I am, I would immediately think it was a fox. But it's too small to be a fox, it doesn't have a tail and it's curled in a ball. As far as I know, foxes don't do that. 

I reach out and touch the tiny thing. I feel a shiver run down its spine as it uncurls. It's eyes are big and liquid brown it's nose is long and black, it has very small, mouse-like ears on the top of its head. It's paws are big for its size and the same shocking orange as it's fur. There is a white stripe running from the tip of his nose to its tail-bone, where the tail would be on an ordinary animal and a single black line circles it's back, left paw. 

I pick up the creature, it looks scared. 

"Poor baby." are you hurt?" I ask the animal foolishly. 

The animal nods. 

I almost drop it in surprise. It nodded. It understands me. I cling tighter to its fur. 

"Y-you understand me?" I ask the adorable yet strange animal nuzzling in the crook of my elbow. 

It looks at me with those huge, watery eyes and I melt. I almost expect it to nod again. 

"The name is Merlin." Says a deep voice. 

I stare at the animal in surprise. But the voice didn't come from the animal. 

I look up to see a boy standing in front of the bushes where the fuzzy creature rolled from. Well, I say boy. More of a young man. Out of teens, but barely. 

"You're called Merlin?" I ask him. "like the sorcerer?" 

He looks at me like I've grown a second head. 

"Merlin is the name of the Coefen you're holding in your arms." He replies matter-of-factly. "I'm Nel. Nel Fera." 

"What's a sorcerer?" he adds.

"It's a... a- nevermind. If you don't have them here, it doesn't matter."

"What's your name?" it's a common question but his voice is icy and demanding. 

"Layla Emerald Martin." I blurt. 

His expression is still like stone. 

"We've got to go, Lucy Emerald Martin. Now!" he places his hand on my back, but the gesture has no friendly connotation. 

"It's just Lucy-" My words are left in the clearing as he pushes me into the tangle of branches before us. 

My stomach knots as I anticipate what's coming. This is definitely not hell. But in no way is it heaven either. 

Where am I? and what is a Coefen? 




Hiii guise. I'm quite chuffed and puffed about this chapter. Took me long enough to weight but I got there in the end. Please call me out on any spelling mistakes or other grammar stuff. Vote, comment and share. 

Thankyou very much for reading. Means a lot. 

xXamelieXx 💋💋💋

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