Back For You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

Amber Tomlinson has lost everything. She's lost trust in others but most importantly in herself. She has found a new family, but she's not ready to let her guard down just yet, even though she feels completely safe around them. When she finds out their "secret" any trust she has in them disappears. Can she build a relationship with them again or will she forever feel lonely? He said he would always come back for her, so why should she be scared?


26. CHAPTER 25

Chapter 25:
He continued in teaching me the choruses to multiple songs of theirs, singing along to each. I was completely mesmerized by his voice, the way he could hit the high notes, but then keep it low and raspy when needed.
“You’re so talented,” I whispered quietly mainly to myself, but he apparently heard me.
“Thank you,” he replied smiling.
I jolted when the door opened and in came Louis with his hands full of various coffee cups.
“Coffee’s he---,” the smile on his face instantly disappeared when he saw us sitting on the floor, “What are you two doing?” he asked harshly.
Harry rolled his eyes, which surprised me, “Just teaching her guitar Lou, calm down,” he then stood up and walked out of the room, but not without grabbing a coffee from Louis’ hands.
Louis stared at the now closed door with wide eyes, but then shook his head as if clearing it.
“What’s got his goat?” he asked taking a seat on the floor next to me.
“Oh like you don’t know?” I replied smirking at Louis.
He raised his hands up in defense, “Look I’m just doing what’s best for you guys.”
“How do you know if that is what’s best for us?” I asked calmly, staring at him intently.
“I don’t know, I just don’t want either of you to get hurt,” he replied sadly.
“Well from what I’ve seen you may end up hurting Harry yourself, or at least your relationship with him.”
He nodded slowly, “I know.”
The door opened again and Niall popped his head in, “Car’s raring to go pointed towards Nandos and I’m not waiting any longer.”
Louis and I laughed and followed Niall outside and we all got into the car. When I sat down Harry looked at me raising his eyebrows, but I just gave him a small smile, I would tell him later.
“So what did Harry end up teaching you?” asked Liam.
“Happily,” I replied. “Which is an amazing song by the way.”
“Well Harry co-wrote it so kudos to him,” Zayn said.
“Oh, you didn’t tell me,” I said looking at Harry who was smiling softly.
“Get used to saying that when it comes to Harry,” Louis mumbled from the driver’s seat.
Harry’s face instantly turned grave and I smacked Louis in the arm, “Apologize.”
“What?” Louis asked in disbelief.
“I said, apologize. That wasn’t very nice,” I said crossing my arms in front of my chest, trying to keep a straight face. Harry was smirking and Niall could barely contain his laughter.
“I shouldn’t have to apologize for—”
“Oh, but you should. It’s the nice thing to do, right Niall?” I targeted him because I knew he would break down the easiest. I was right. He burst out laughing. I chuckled proudly to myself.
“Fine, fine! I’m sorry Harry I didn’t mean it like that,” Louis said giving up.
Harry nodded, “Apology accept—”
“But now you need to apologize for sleeping around with my cousin.”
The rest of us sat there in shock but Niall again burst out in hysterical laughter. I slapped him as well.
“Louis, stop it.” Liam said harshly.
The rest of the car ride was silent. We finally reached Nandos and we poured out of the car, wanting to get away from the awkwardness inside. The boys started to walk inside but I stayed put by the car.
“Amber you coming?” Harry asked.
“No, actually,” I replied simply.
“Why not?” asked Louis.
“I can’t stand to see you two fighting. And I can’t help but think I’m the reason for it. So I am going to stand here until you two make up or whatever you guys do,” I stated flailing my arms around to gesture them together.
“First off Amber it is not your fault,” said Louis. Harry nodded in agreement.
“Really Amber, and we aren’t reall—” Harry started.
“I’m willing to give… you two…. A try.” Louis interrupted. He sounded so unsure of himself and everyone seemed shocked to hear the words come out of his mouth. “Well say something before I change my mind!”
Harry’s face broke into a wide smile as he looked from Louis to me. He advanced towards me quickly, wrapped his arms around my waist, and lifted me off the ground spinning me in circles.
“Ugh,” Louis grunted sarcastically, turning away from us and heading towards the entrance to the restaurant. The other boys had smirks on their faces, but followed Louis inside.
“So…” I said awkwardly looking into Harry’s gorgeous green eyes.
“So…” he replied, imitating me.
Our thoughts aligned as we both leaned in and our lips locked. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his shoulders as he started to walk towards the restaurant. I laughed as he almost tripped over the curb.
Before he opened the door, he looked me straight in the eyes, “I think I just might fancy you,” he said quietly.
“Oh really?” I asked grinning.
He smiled and kissed me again, “Really.”
I had expected to sleep in the morning but of course I didn’t get what I wanted. Streamers flew across my room and I heard music blaring in a nearby speaker. I quickly sat up, eyes open wide as I frantically took in my surroundings. Five boys stood around me with giant smiles plastered on their faces.
“Happy Birthday!” They yelled in unison. Their grins slowly faded as they saw the look on my face. I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and clicked on the screen. They were right.
“How’d you know?” I asked quietly.
“They did give us some information before we met you,” replied Louis.
“Why aren’t you excited? It’s your birthday?” exclaimed Niall.
Tears slowly started to form in my eyes, “Well this isn’t just my birthday. I used to share it.”
It seemed to dawn on them and so the scene changed from overjoyed to depressing in a matter of seconds. Niall and Liam began to clean up my room and Louis sat down on my bed slowly rubbing my back. Harry stood at the end of the bed with a worried look on his face. I gave him a small smile to let him know I was okay.
I had finally convinced the boys to leave my room and was calming myself down. I sat quietly on my bed staring down at the floor when I heard a small knock on my door. I sighed heavily and told them to come in. It was Harry.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bother you,” he said as he closed to door behind him.
“No I’m the one that should be sorry. You all were just trying to make me happy and I should’ve been more grateful.”
“Well I completely understand why you were upset, we should’ve been more considerate.”
“Really it’s not your fault,” I replied, attempting an encouraging smile.
“Well actually I planned something, if you’re feeling up for it.”
“What’s this ‘something’ you planned?” I asked smiling.
“Well that’s a surprise. Just dress warmly and meet me downstairs in ten minutes,” he replied.
I followed his instructions as he left my room. I pulled on a pair of dark blue jeans, a large sweater and a scarf. I put on my boots and took out the braid my hair was currently in, thankfully it fell in nice waves with minimal stray hairs. I then headed downstairs to join Harry.
When I saw him waiting there I began to get a “giddy” feeling inside my stomach that I tried to force away. I had decided I would make an effort for Louis. But how much of an effort? Well that was for me to decide.
I followed him out to his car and got in. he started to drive down the street as I fiddled with the radio.
“So are you gonna tell me where we are going?” I asked once I found a song I liked.
“What don’t you get about the word ‘surprise’?” he replied sarcastically.
“Okay, okay. I get it.” I said laughing. He chuckled lightly as we pulled up to a small building. I began to look around for any sign to tell me where we were.
“Close your eyes!” Harry yelled quickly. I felt his hands over my face and I was met with darkness.
“Hey!” I whined trying to swat him away.
“Promise you’ll keep them closed?”
“Fine,” I huffed. His hands move away from my face but I kept them shut like he said. I heard my car door open and he grabbed my hands and carefully led me out of the car and what I imagined was towards the building. I was led inside and through a few more doors, but it seemed like the temperature was beginning to drop.
“Where are we?” I asked once more.
“Open,” he said quietly. My eyes were blinded by the light as I slowly opened them. “Surprise!”

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