Back For You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

Amber Tomlinson has lost everything. She's lost trust in others but most importantly in herself. She has found a new family, but she's not ready to let her guard down just yet, even though she feels completely safe around them. When she finds out their "secret" any trust she has in them disappears. Can she build a relationship with them again or will she forever feel lonely? He said he would always come back for her, so why should she be scared?


19. CHAPTER 18

Chapter 18:
After walking aimlessly through the halls I finally found our room. I had forgotten to check which number we were before I had left. By then I had dried my tears and composed myself slightly. I opened the door and found Harry awake, sat up in the bed. Louis stood up from his chair and walked over to me.
“Hey, you okay?” I must not have composed myself enough, “What took you so long?”
“I’m fine, just took me a while to find the car.”
He nodded slowly, but I could tell he didn’t believe me.
“Well, we’re ready to go if you are.”
I said I was and when Niall volunteered to go bring the car around to the entrance, I asked to go with him. I wanted to get home as soon as possible and I could tell Louis knew something was up. I followed him to the elevator and when the doors closed behind us, Niall spoke.
“So, I know you’re not telling Louis what’s up but can you at least tell me?” he then flashed me his innocent blue eyes and I sighed.
“I ran into some of your fans on the way up, and let’s just say they weren’t the nicest ones I’ve met.”
He raised his eyebrows in curiosity, “What did they say?”
I thought for a moment, if I told him what they said about me and Harry, it would be giving us away wouldn’t it? But I had already decided that there wasn’t anything going on between us, so why not?
“They blamed me for Harry being in the hospital. They said it was my fault and ‘he deserved much better than me’ even though we aren’t together.” I said as quickly as I could.
“Really, because that’s not what Harry told me.”
Now it was my turn to be confused, “What did he tell you?”
“Not much, but I got enough to realize that you two are absolutely crazy about each other.”
I felt a small smile creep up to my lips, but I quickly forced it back down, “Well, you’re wrong.” I said harshly.
“Gosh, Amber. How can you deny it so quickly? We all have eyes you know. Even Louis knows that something is up.”
“Well, tell him not to be worried, because it was all a mistake.”
The doors to the elevator opened and I quickly walked out. I made my way to the car, which Niall unlocked from behind me and I hopped into the passenger seat. Niall got in the car and pulled it around to the front of the hospital where we waited for the others.
“Look, Amber. I’m sorry. But I just have to tell you,” he looked me straight in the eyes, “Harry does care for you. I know it, he’s not able to hide his feelings very well. And he’s not just going to give up on you, so either let him in or you may end up hurting him, which is something I know for certain you don’t want to do.”
As he finished the back door opened and the others piled in. I looked down at my lap, not wanting to talk at the moment. Everything Niall had said was true, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I feel like if he was with me that would hurt him more than him being with someone else. I decided to stop thinking about it for a moment since it was tiring out my brain, so I let myself fall asleep to the hum of the car.
In my dreamless sleep I felt myself being lifted from my seat in the car and carried into my room. I was laid carefully on my bed.
Half asleep I asked for the person who brought me up here, “Harry?”
I heard a chuckle, “Nope, its Niall, Harry was too tired to bring you up.”
I nodded as sleep attempted to pull me back under.
“Just think about it Amber,” I heard him say as I drifted off once more.
I woke up and slowly went downstairs passing empty rooms, meaning the boys were up. I could hear commotion in the kitchen and went in to find them “attempting” to cook what looked like an omelet, but one may never now. I laughed at the sight. Harry turned around noticing my presence and gave me a wide grin. I awkwardly smiled back, making his face fall into a slight frown which I tried my best to ignore. I sat myself down at the table and pulled out my phone, but before I could switch it on a plate was sat before me with the concoction I saw them making just seconds before.
“Tada!” they yelled in unison.
I giggled, “What’s the special occasion?”
“Who said there has to be a ‘special occasion’ for us to make you breakfast?” asked Louis.
I raised my eyebrows accusingly as I shoveled some of the food in my mouth, which I quickly spit out because it tasted funny. The mood in the room had begun to get quite serious. All the boys had taken a seat down at the table.
“Well, actually, a doctor called earlier this morning,” continued Louis, “They were serious about you finding a therapist. Apparently they discovered one close by and you have your first meeting with the group today.”
“Wait a second, I have to go to group therapy?” I asked in bewilderment. I had tried group therapy once before, it was absolute torture.
“They are just using the group therapy today as a test, but most the time it will be one on one with you and the therapist,” Louis explained.
“I don’t need a therapist, I’m doing just fine.” I said firmly.
“That’s what I said, but they assured it was just as a check-up, it probably won’t last for more than two weeks,” he promised.
Although I was angry and a bit nervous, I agreed and the tension was released from the table.
“The meeting is at three and they asked that someone comes with you, I can’t today because I promised Eleanor I’d take her out so I entrusted the job to Liam.”
I looked over to Liam who gave me a playful wink, “Hope you’re okay with that.”
“Of course,” I replied smiling, “I’m going to go get ready.” Considering it was almost two.
After dressing in dark blue jeans, a coral blouse, and my new favorite UGGs, which were unbelievably comfortable, I brushed out my hair and braided it down the side. I brushed my teeth quickly ridding my mouth of morning breath and the ugly breakfast I had eaten earlier and headed downstairs. Liam was waiting for me on the living room couch.
“Ready to go?” he asked, standing up from his seat and grabbing his car keys.
I nodded and followed him out to the car. We drove downtown to a small building which we entered and Liam registered me in at the front desk. We were then escorted to a small room where there were some other people sitting in chairs placed in a circle around the room. Basic group therapy only it’s ten times worse than the things you see in movies. I took a seat next to Liam and soon the therapist came in to begin the session. I have to say he was very nice and I felt 3pretty comfortable around him compared to other shrinks I had visited. He seemed to be in his mid-40s and he quickly mentioned he had a little daughter. Otherwise I zoned out for the entirety of the session. Every once in a while he would ask for some personal input and Liam would look at me expectantly as if he wanted me to get involved a little, but I pretended I didn’t see him. Finally, we were finished and I decided to leave the room, Liam treading at my heels, the room had begun to feel stuffy and I was ready to go home.
I started to walk out to the car but Liam stopped me.
“They asked us to check in with Dr. Andrews before we left.”
I figured ‘Dr. Andrews’ was the name of the therapist since I hadn’t bothered to listen when he introduced himself. So Liam and I made our way to his office. Liam knocked lightly on the door and a voice from inside beckoned us in. Dr. Andrews sat at his desk with his head in a file so we took a seat on the couch in front of him. Finally he looked up to greet us.
“Hello,” he said with a warm smile, “You must be Amber.”
I was surprised he knew this, but I quickly nodded my head.
“And are you Louis?” he referred to Liam.
“No, Louis couldn’t be here today. I’m a…. friend of the family,” he replied.
“Well, Amber I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I would like to meet with you every day this week, just one on one before we decide where you will live,” Dr. Andrews stated simply.
I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion, “What do you mean ‘where I will live’? I live with my cousin.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I thought someone had told you all already. The Tomlinsons aren’t your only living family. You have an uncle living in the states who has requested for you to stay with him.”

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