Back For You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

Amber Tomlinson has lost everything. She's lost trust in others but most importantly in herself. She has found a new family, but she's not ready to let her guard down just yet, even though she feels completely safe around them. When she finds out their "secret" any trust she has in them disappears. Can she build a relationship with them again or will she forever feel lonely? He said he would always come back for her, so why should she be scared?



Last one. Enjoy! If you like this story check out my Niall Horan Fan Fiction, I've begun to post and will continue on a regular basis :)

I slowly got up from my seat when I heard the doorbell ring.
“Luke! Louis! Your uncles are here!” I yelled as I opened the front door.
I heard yelling coming from down the hall as the four-year old twins stumbled towards the door.
“Uncle Lou!” they squealed in unison, tackling their favorite person in a hug. It was Christmas Eve and everyone was coming over to celebrate that and Louis’ birthday.
“Hey Amber.”
“Liam, how’ve you been?” I said giving him a small hug.
“Pretty good, I do have some big news,”
“Do tell,” I replied laughing.
“Mel and I are getting married.”
“Liam! That’s amazing!” I replied congratulating him by giving him another hug.
“Hey, the party’s here!”
We all turned to see the rest of the group walking up the sidewalk from their cars. Also being attacked by our rambunctious kids. I felt arms wrap around my waist and I looked up to see my favorite bright green eyes staring back into mine. Harry gave me a light kiss on the forehead, then looked back out towards the yard.
“Boys, try not to kill your uncles!”
I chuckled slightly, “Dinner’s almost ready!”
That got everyone’s attention and they all came running inside, Zayn tossing the twins over his shoulders and carrying them with him.
I headed back to the kitchen, Harry following behind me as everyone else headed to the dining room. We grabbed multiple plates of food and brought them out to the table.
“Luke, off your Uncle Niall and get in a seat please.”
Niall laughed, “He’s fine, Am.”
After everyone sat down and began serving themselves, conversations started.
“Well, I heard Liam’s big news, but I also heard Zayn has some as well.”
Zayn looked up from his meal, “I do?”
“Well, I thought it was pretty big news,” replied Harry.
“Oh, so he knows about it but I don’t,” I said jokingly.
“Of course, I’m his best mate.”
“Oh! That news,” Zayn interrupted laughing, “Perrie’s is pregnant with a baby girl,” he exclaimed.
“How did I not know about this?” I objected.
“Wanted to wait till everyone was here,” he replied shrugging.
“Hear that, boys, you’ll have a little cousin,” Harry said to the twins.
“But it’s a girl,” replied Luke. “Ew,” Louis said sticking out his tongue.
“The name fits him well,” Liam said glaring at older Louis.
I chuckled to myself once again. I then stood up taking my plate and Harry’s walking towards the kitchen. I began to wash them and put them in the dishwasher, when I heard someone come up behind me. I whipped around to find myself in Harry’s arms.
“Hey,” he whispered quietly.
“Why are you smiling?” he asked.
“I’m just happy.”
“Me too,” he said planting a small kiss on my lips.
“You know what makes me happy?”
“You,” I replied poking him in the chest playfully.
“Is that so?”
I nodded gently.
“Well, you make me pretty happy too.”
He took my hand in his and led me into the living room, where everyone sat decorating the tree. I watched Niall and Liam lift the Louis to put some of the high ornaments as Zayn and Louis helped Luke assemble his new toy. I gave Harry’s hand a small squeeze, knowing that now, in this moment, I was in fact, truly happy.


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