Back For You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

Amber Tomlinson has lost everything. She's lost trust in others but most importantly in herself. She has found a new family, but she's not ready to let her guard down just yet, even though she feels completely safe around them. When she finds out their "secret" any trust she has in them disappears. Can she build a relationship with them again or will she forever feel lonely? He said he would always come back for her, so why should she be scared?



Here's the next one I hope you guys enjoy. Only one more after this one :)

I was finally going to go home. It had been almost a year since most of my memories returned. The doctors wanted me to stay at the clinic to run a bunch of tests on me and restore me to my normal self before I was allowed to live somewhere else. Apparently multiple patients regained some memories, but they always seemed to disappear. I was determined not to let mine slip away from me.
The past months haven’t been nearly as lonely as before. Now all five boys come to visit me. Everyday. Especially Harry. He’s even spent a few nights here, which is against the rules, but honestly he doesn’t care.
I never loved someone as much as I love him. The way he can make me laugh. The way he asks how I’m doing almost every five minutes. Even our fights, which our minimal, but still present, it always ends with us being stronger together then we were before.
I turned twenty last month and the boys got permission to take me to visit my family. It was a long flight back home, but I got to see Melissa again and spend my birthday with the one I had shared it with in the first place. My brother.
“Amber, you ready to go?” Louis asked walking into my room, which I had practically lived in for the past year.
I nodded, “Definitely.”
As I left I said goodbye to all the nurses and patients who had become my close friends. Each one had made I difference in my life.
Louis took me out to the car and we headed home. I was so excited to call it my home again.
“Where are all the others?”
“At the house, preparing a little surprise for you,” he replied smirking.
“Louis, you know I absolutely hate surprises.”
“Everyone says that, but trust me, I think you’re gonna like this one.
“Everyone says that,” I said, mocking him.
“Ha ha, very funny.”
Louis led me up the stairs, where we found three boys standing outside my old bedroom, looking very suspicious.
“Where’s Harry?”
Instead of replying they just opened my bedroom door and as I walked in a felt a scarf being wrapped around my eyes.
I started to object, “Just trust us,” I heard Niall say quietly laughing.
I was guided forward until I felt two hands take mine.
“Hey, Am,” he replied.
“What’s going on?” I asked giggling, finding this whole situation strange.
“Why don’t you take off the blindfold?” he said chuckling.
“Good idea,” I replied, doing as he suggested.
After the bright light subdued I look down to find Harry on one knee holding a sparking ring in his hand. My hand went to my gaping mouth, joyful tears gathering in my eyes.
“Amber Marie Tomlinson, will you marry me?” he asked slowly, me catching the nervousness in his voice.
“Of course.”

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