With other peoples words

Do you know how they feel?
Do you know what made them feel this way?
Soon you'll know how they felt.


3. Nothing change before it's too late


“I’m fine, just a little tired and stressed from all the homework.” 
That’s what I told everyone around me.
I haven’t been happy in many years.
Actually I’m not sure if I’m happy, or if I’m sad. I can’t feel anything.
I never told anyone about it; how should people now what I feel, if I don’t.
I started living in a role, and hid in my room all day long.
My parents finally asked me how I was, but I didn’t say anything.
I regretted it every day, but didn’t have the strength to tell them how I actually felt.
So I tried to kill myself.
I never wanted to die, but I just didn’t felt like living.
Nothing has changed

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