Poetry # 2

This will be for more like my horror poetry likes stuff.
Cover by: @Herleen28


3. Unseen Death

The hair on my arms stand up,

the room becomes an icebox.

I am alone,

standing in the room, alone.

Whispers float around my ear,

Screams follow me everywhere.

The unseen,

could mean death.

My heart stops,

I hold my breath.

Every whisper becomes a threat.

The screams become cries,

cries of women, men, children.

The unseen is heard,

the threats grow louder.

My head spins,

I’m cold, scared, dizzy, and very confused.

All these people, killed,

no one ever saw them.

These people are unseen,

their deaths are unseen.

Now mine may be too.

In the middle of the room, 

I hold my breath.

The chilly breaths breath down my neck,

my body tingles.

I’m stuck in the middle of unseen deaths.

The screams, fade.

Threats disappear.

My body moves, 

my heart begins beating again.

The unseen people,

unseen deaths,

follow me everywhere. 

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