Poetry # 2

This will be for more like my horror poetry likes stuff.
Cover by: @Herleen28


2. The Black Eyed Woman

Blood red eyes peek out of the darkness, spying, waiting. 

The eyes follow anyone, or anything. 

But one pair, are different. 

She's beautiful, like no one has ever seen before.

Her body, her face, everything is perfect. 

She's beautiful, flat out evil,but no one knows the truth.

Her beauty, a lie. 

Her perfectness, fake.

Her eyes, evil.

This perfect woman, is really the black eyed woman.

Nothing but evil, and lies. 

One look, you fall in love. 

One kiss, you're obsessed. 

One obsession, you're dead. 

This perfect woman, is really evil. 

Her black eyes look sweet, but she is nothing but evil. 

One look into her eyes, the eyes of the black eyes woman, and it maybe the last thing you see. 

The black eyed woman, will haunt you until the day you die. 

One look, and her black eyes will be the last thing you see. 

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