Poetry # 2

This will be for more like my horror poetry likes stuff.
Cover by: @Herleen28


1. A Fallen Angel

Her beauty is overwhelming.

Every guy,

falls at her feet.

She hides a secret,

one she will never reveal.

Her heart is shattered,

the one person she loved denied her.

No one can see through her,

she knows her secret is safe.

In the privacy of her new house,

she stands in front of the mirror.

Her once beautifully white wings,

turn to pure black.

A tear falls down her cheek,

she knows she will never love.

She is full of pain and hurt,

never to be happy again.

She is the one and only,

the fallen angel.

Even with all the attention of the human males,

it doesn’t fix her heart.

Nothing satisfies her,

knowing she is unwanted.

A fallen angel,

looking for guidance with no where to turn.

Once so innocent,

now nothing but evil.

She has been denied by the one she truly loves,

a fallen angel with no hope.

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