Free-running, parkour, climbing. So many different names. How many of us have ever dreamed of being able to scale everything you see, with the confidence in yourself to make that leap and to land that jump. This story tells you about what it feels like. Whilst I am not a freerunner (although I'd certainly like to be) a large group of my friends are, and with their help I will write this "novel."


1. My First Building

Written with help and inspiration from my friend Jake. For ten months, I had conditioned my body and my mind for this. Every night, exercises. Every day, a jog. I'd studied, and built up my confidence slowly. From little hops to bigger ones to vaulting walls to climbing twice my own height. But this was my first building. My name is Jake. I'm fifteen years old, and a year ago I was as ordinary as they come. I did fairly well in class, I'd had one or two girlfriends, I liked to play games on the computer. Then one day I was browsing the web, and I found a video on YouTube. A group of six young men were my first inspiration. I've never met these guys, or thanked them. But they showed me how it was to be free. So I trained, and trained. I went from a slightly weedy boy to strong and confident. I almost felt like a man. And now here I was. This huge hulking mass of concrete and brick and glass, in front of me. To some, it would just be an ordinary building. To me, it was my first challenge. I'd planned this. Running, jumping, vaulting. Got to keep momentum. I pushed off the wall with my feet, my hand caught the window ledge, as I knew it would. Pulled myself up, kept ascending. Here I am. On top. And now it truly begins. I'm off again, at a terrific pace. There's a wall in front of me. I reach out with my hands, and pull myself over it, kicking my legs back as I go. The elation I feel as I sail over thin air is intense. Suddenly my hands collide with another wall, and almost instinctively I pull myself over. Got to keep momentum. Running again, the wind slapping me in the face. Another wall. I jump over it, landing onto a lower platform below with a roll. On my feet in a flash, sprinting. Got to keep momentum. Pouring energy into my system. Here we go. At the edge. I resisted my urge to stop, and put all my power in my legs, swinging my arms back. I threw myself over, twisting in the air as I did, almost like a dolphin in water. I landed. Onto the next rooftop. Time to descend back to normality.
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